Monday, February 23, 2015


MONDAY February 23, 2015

I  am doing very well, my companion is a blessing from on high, and i havent laughed so much with a companion in a very long time. shes incredible. and we are learning so much together and right now our major focus in our companionship is working with all our heart, might, mind, and strength. that means giving 100 percent all the time. i have never prayed so hard in my mission for my health and focus because we know that there is so much to do. every morning we wake up to run and are eating as best we can and doing everything possible to not just have our minds in the work, but our bodies, and our hearts. everything!! you cant give half of your all, you wont accomplish anything. so we fasted this week for that purpose and saw  million blessings. random people in the streets guiding us to where we needed to go, pointing us in the direction of all the houses that they have ever seen missionaries enter. finding people that it would have been impossible to find. we had 3 investigators come to church and found lots of new people to teach. we have to get the members more involved here because sometimes they forget what really matters, and the elders before us didnt really even talk to the members about their investigators. but there are so many more people to find. and even though the bishop AND the ward mission leader didnt respond to our calls or anything till saturday, we worked till the day ended!! i was falling asleep every night during our planning wow. so exhausted. but we met the leaders and we have lots to do to get them involved. i love everyone already!!! so many beautiful incredible people that need our help! today on a nearly hour long bus ride we met a girl going home from school and she was laughing with us and we got off and asked if we could do anything for her and all she said was pray. people trust us very quickly, and know that we have the ability to help them. SO MUCH MORE TO TELL as you know, but its all written down in my journal so ill remember for when i come back haha. be good! be safe!! 

love, hermana zimmerman
The Sisters serve in the area highlighted in yellow and the Elders serve the other half of the ward highlighted in orange

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