Monday, May 25, 2015

18 +++

This week went by way too fast, but we were able to baptize one of our investigators, Levi Alejandro, a week early due to the fact that we had his interview with the district leader 2 weeks in advance, because we knew he was ready. He was just mentally prepared for the following week. Jose Rafael is 24 and he was prepared to receive the Gospel way before we found him. he follows every commandment, and right after his baptism we were looking for him and finally found out that he had asked to talk with the bishop right then and there, telling him he wanted to prepare to serve a full time mission. the bishop gave him a pamphlet from the offices of the church, and he read the whole thing and came to church the next day asking to talk with the bishop again so he could ask him who his home teachers were going to be. I think he will play a huge part in making this ward strong! in the second hour yesterday one of the stake counselors was teaching the lesson about how we have to accept the gospel and receive an answer for ourselves, not just get baptized because the missionaries are cute and have blue eyes, but Jose says "well they're going to leave anyway." haha we are not involved, just playing our part in the Lord´s work. And Levi Alejandro was baptized the same day, just as excited. Good things are happening! I continue to see progression and changes in myself, but there is still so much that i have to learn and change. the other sisters are getting better igual, trying to be more obedient so that they can receive blessings. I will be doing a couple different divisions with them this week to see how i can help them extend commitments with more authority. Thank you for all you do! Saludos a su familia!!

hermana zimmerman

love you all!! 

ALSO looked up the definition of mother in the guide of the book of mormon. translated into english it says "mother-the sacred title given to women who give birth to or adopt children. Mothers help bring to pass the plan of God by providing mortal bodies for the spirit children of God." cool right!!!! i have the best mom in the world!!! 

loovee you!! see you soon!!

Huge baptism party!!! Best last baptism ever. It was a bigger hit that the ward activity!

Jose Rafael, Levi and Yashara!!!

24 yrs old, 19 yrs old, and 18 yrs old!!! Yay!!! More future missionaries!!!
Not being able to do the ordinance gives all the elders loads of opportunities haha. 


Levi and his Mom

All Levis books of Mormon from allll the missionaries that have passed through to teach him over the last 4 years. He doesn't even use them, haha he reads on his phone!!!
An awesome picture that makes me happy even though its blurry!!

Levi and his family

Hermana Wonacott

Our Apartment. One room.

Trip to Cabana

All the Solteras
Yashara is the cute girl in white that got baptized!!


Monday, May 18, 2015


I'm out of time but i love you all! 2 of our investigators were baptized this weekend!

Angel AND Karla! she only had the chance to come to church one time but she was so anxious and ready and passed through her interview super prepared and the elder said she was ready so all we had to do was call president morales and good to go!

Karla's Baptism.  She was soooo happy all day!!!!!

She was so excited, the baptisms were awesome and super spiritual, there are so many people so ready to hear this gospel.

Secret to missionary work: it is ALWAYS time for harvesting. dont tell yourself that its yout time to plant seeds. we are living in the last dispensation!! our Heavenly Father has been planting seeds since year 1!! the field is white, and ridiculously ready to harvest. so press forward. trust in the Lord, and allow Him to guide you to those that are ready to receive the gospel in its plenitud!

Jose Rafael will be baptized on saturday! he is super stoked and inviting all of his neighbors. and always searching to learn more. he has definitely been prepared since birth with a tender heart and contrite spirit, and hes gona start playing piano in sacrament meeting!!! yay!! that way when im gona theyll have a pianist! 

Also, Levi has been prepared since birth, but in other ways. hes been throuigh many tough and trying experiences but he has accepted that they come from God and that now he can use them to help other people. hes awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ah!!!! his baptism is on the 29th!!! yayyyy!!!! and theyre gona give us special permission to confirm him that same night cuz stake conference will be bhappening, my last sunday!!!

love everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! see you soon, everybody just hang in there a little longer!!

and read 2 nephi 8, i love the teachings of isaiah right along with nephi!

also, ether 12:13-18... PREACH THE GOSPEL NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE!!!

love you all..

hermana zimmerman

Monday, May 11, 2015


I love you all so much. being able to see you all yesterday was the coolest. it feels like i was right there with you all! im sorry i failed to express how much i really love you all. but please know at least one thing; that all of the success i am receiving, is thanks to YOU and YOUR obedience and faithfulness and prayers. a missionary is nothing without the support of his heavenly father and his earthly family. i am absolutely positive that the Lord is allowing me to be an instrument and allowing me to receive blessings because my family is acting in such a manner that i deserve to be happy. i dont know if that makes sense really haha but yea. 

plleeeaase dont think that i am not at home because i dont want to be. i cant be home just yet because the Lord has continued preparing people that need to hear my testimony. please know that i adore you all and miss you so so much!!! im doing my best to stay focused, its going to be such a short time till im back i promise. not even a full month! im so lucky to be able to know of the restored gospel and to be able to share it with all people!! even on pday!

on saturday this guy stopped us in the street, desperate to know the truth. i say desperate because her approached us as someone dying of thirst, and im not exaggerating. we gave him a pamphlet and our number so we could teach him later on. its always about a 50/50 chance that those people return the call or ask for more info, but this morning he called us and asked to meet with us. so we told him to go to the church and we would meet him there. we took one of our investigators with us that will be baptized next weekend, and it was the coolest lesson ever!!! he was amazed that there are people that actually know what the bible is saying. and he felt the spirit so strongly, and our investigator Karla bore her testimony and told him that she knows this is all true and that he is right where he needs to be. it was so awesome!!! he just wanted to know everything!! we invited him to pray to know if its true but he said, "well yes ill pray and ask, but i already know that what you have told me today is true." and he accepted to be baptized!! what!! he doesnt live in our area but how awesome! we just called up the sisters to pass him along and hes going to church on sunday. he got it. he understood. he was starving for the truth, like amos 8:11-12 states, (dont know how it translates in english) but there is no feeling like being an instrument for another person to feel the spirit.

also, i am so grateful for every teacher in sunday school that prepares their lessons with the spirit and teaches by it! the lesson manuals are perfect! our investigator Angel whos getting baptized this friday had every last doubt answered in the 3rd hour! he is so excited!! the church is true. still. and forever. 

if you really love our Father in Heaven, you will be obedient to his every commandment. so be strong. dont leave your room in the morning without praying for the strength to overcome every temptation and be guided in every step that you take. be an instrument in the Lord's hands. if you show him your willingness, He will give you lots to do!! i testify of all these things and leave you by saying that miracles are real and faith is necessary in order to experience them, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

love, hermana zimmerman.

p.s. hna morales says im officially a ghost is this mission haha.