Monday, September 29, 2014


this week we traveled *walked, to a decent internet cafe so that we could
send pictures and actually write. but hello to everyone! its a great day to

haha had to. i made myself laugh. but really. thats all you have to do to
live for eternity with your family and our Heavenly Father. AND everyday we
mess up, hence the necessity to ask for forgiveness everyday. so do it! and
youll feel better and youll want to do better.

now a little bit of good news and bad news.

manuel is not progressing. he always reads his book of mormon when we give
him parts to read, and contrary to the rest of the world, he answers all
the questions at the back of the lesson pamphlets! BUT last week when we
passed by to wake them up for church, he was IN THE MOMENT lighting up a
cigarette. that sure makes us feel good. i yelled out DONT DO IT. and you
can imagine his face. and he showed up to church half an hour later. good
news is that we found out why his 15 yr old Iliana is hesitant about her
baptism. because she thought it meant she couldnt ever dance again or
listen to her music. IMAGINE if we dont listen to the spirit to help our
investigators. we told her of course not and now shes happy. my goodness.

also, we found a new family to teach that has cousins in the church that
are inactive. but we taught them how to pray and to do it sincerely and the
12 year old Beti said the next day that she did it and had a dream that she
was dressed all in white and being baptized!! just like the picture that we
showed her of a little girl at her baptism. how AWESOME the way God helps
people. i am so blessed to be a part of all of these wonderful things!!
more stories, but theyre all in my head.

ALSO IM SO EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE. you have no idea. its better than
christmas and your birthday on the mission. listen well!!!

love you!!


irma and iliana got baptized!! 6 baptisms from our branch this
saturday!!! love you!

Monday, September 22, 2014


The branch president is a dentist so he is free.  This is on his front porch. 

Sisters in my zone

Manuel and his daughters Irma and Iliana

Reunion with Sister Romero (first companion)

Monday, September 15, 2014


Monday September 15, 2014

since im out of time all the time, ill tell you about one awesome
family we are teaching

manuel and his two daughters irma and iliana. manuel has a serious
drinking problem. hes just a scrawny dude and his wife passed away
awhile ago, but in his job everyone is always drinking and he says its
impossible. but he wants to change. his daughters always come with us
to the activities and they come to church with their dad on sunday.
and they really want him to change. im not sure if hes ever even
completely sober, and its hard for him to accept that he really can do
Manuel with Irma and Iliana
it. the branch president and his wife came with us to visit him and he
gave him a blessing to help him have the strength, and to finish
manuel said the prayer asking for help and thanking God for all the
love and support that was sent to him through us and the members. The
second counselor to the president came with us a different day, and
hes barely been a member 3 years and was exactly the same as manuel
with a serious addiction that almost tore apart his family. they all
three accepted a baptismal date and they have a lot of faith that they
can all change together. but manuel needs to have faith in himself!!

its frustrating because we do so much to help people feel the spirit
and then they turn around and immediately deny it. and my problem is
that i dont like dropping people because i know that everyone can
change and accept this in their life, because it was made for them,
but we cant waste any time trying to force people to change. we are
here to baptize. the spirit does the converting. we have 7 dates this
month and we prayyyyy and fasstt that they will all pull through.

another is a couple, paty and jose. they have a little 2 yr old girl.
jose is less active along with his entire family of 7, they were
baptized almost 6 years ago, but all stopped going to church because
of someone said something and someone was offended. makes me crazy. ya
cant let other people rob you of your salvation. we have to be so
strong in our testimonies of this gospel so that nothing can take it
away from us. and that family was awesome, they named their dogs and
their kids after the elders. and they have a huge portrait in their
house of one elder and his entire family. CRAZY! pretty special
though. anyways, paty isnt a member and she doesnt feel included with
their family cuz shes catholic and they want her to change.
missionaries have been teaching her forever but shes not ever really
into it. however, we had her read 3 Nephi 11, and it talks about
little children being perfect and deserving everything, and when we
came back the next day to check on her she broke down crying. she says
that people say things about her little girl because her skin is super
dark. WHAT CENTURY IS THIS. and it makes her feel awful and feel like
shes not wanted. but she said that when she read the end of that
chapter it helped her feel completely calm and at peace, something
shes been looking for for a long time. and she accepted to be
baptized. BUT they have to get MARRIED and thats another thing.
everyone here lives together but arent married!! i cant even tell you
how many stories we have talked about in this branch where the
missionaries have to do tons of páperwork and help some péople get
divi}orced then get married. ah we are just kids. its crazy. but the
Lord knows what He does and how it needs to be done!!!!

so we need all the faith and hope and progress we can achieve!! WAY
more stories but ill tell you next week.

today is mexico independance day and literally i am completely dressed
in every screaming color of the American flag. oops. didnt mean to do

OH YEA my poor companion (hija) got taken by immigration last
week!!!!! long story hahaha I had my green card, shes still new
though. she said they threw her and another missionary she got taken
with into a cell. literally.president had to drive over 4 hours to go
release them.

AND i know what its like to be a mother because my comp asks sooo many
questions!!!!!!!!! and shes full of energy!!!!! ahhhh!!! im learning a
lot of patience that i thought i had but dont haha. love you!!!

love, hermana zimmerman

Monday, September 8, 2014

10 months

Monday September 8, 2014

mom! im so sorry im out of time! im in the worst internet place on EARTH!!!!!!!!!! 

BUT all is well! my new companion is Hermana Cabrera! shes from Peru! and i am her first companion in the mission, aka her trainer. basically means we take an extra hour of studies everyday so i can help her understand everything there is to know about anything. and i am teaching her about mexico its so funny! teaching her how to use her money, how to find addresses, different names of things that are different in Peru. Super crazy experience. i felt and still feel so inadequate, but shes awesome! and so funny. more on that subject next week when i (maybe wont) have time. 

alfonso and imelda are GOLDEN!! last week she was asked to give a TALK on sacrifice. and it was incredible. she talked about how we dont sacrifice just material things in order to follow Christ, but we have to sacrifice our pride. NEVER thought bout that, obviously cuz im prideful, but she definitely got everyone with that. she has progressed so incredibly, and her husband found work literally the DAY after he was confirmed. we got them their own quad and he took it with him to work (he has to be gone from monday til friday in a different city) and he said he had it out on his bedside table and a guy asked if he could borrow the bathroom in his room cuyz the other one was busy. then alfonso saw him looking at his scriptures, just staring at it. and alfonso was waiting for him to just start in about mormons and the whole deal, but then the guy says "hey, im mormon too" WHAT thta doesnt happen in mexico, miracle. and they started talknig all about it and about the different magazines from the church that he can read too and alfonso has downloaded literally every single church app on his phone and hes all stoked about it haha its awesome. i got emotional yesterday after imelda bore her testimony and i was thinking about how their little 3 month old girl, who also had her baby blessing yesterday, wont ever have to question where to find answers or find herself in the world, because a childhood in the gospel is the best thing they could give her. I LOVE THE CHURCH its SO clearly true. when people want to fight about it we literally just let em get it out and walk away. so many people are ready to change their lives and be blessed.its incredible. 

be examples of the believers. help people so that they can be with their families for eternity. love you all so much. SO MUCH.

hermana zimmerman