Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mas Cambiar

So usually we go to the temple wednesday morning, but since its closed they want us to go hang at main campus or find something to do like that. so me and my hermanas decided to go eat breakfast at main campus, which is way better bc the cafeteria is huge and they have so many options. anyway, after me and my companion run for the bus, turns out we are the only hermanas and theres all elders on this public bus going to their zone leader meeting. I LOOK ACROSS FROM ME AND IM SITTING FACING AN ELDER BAKE. im getting chills right now still. ITS THE LITTLE BROTHER OF ELDER BRANDON  BAKE. im like OH MY GOSH are you from idaho and hes like umm yea. and i just went off about how i know his brother and i have his jacket and he served in my ward and this elder bake says oh yes i think ive seen a picture of you! OH MY GOSH FAMILY. best day ever. hes going to the same mission as Katie Sundberg!!! hes 18, just graduated high school, and hes the next bake in line. I WAS FREAKIN OUT. bet the whole bus hated me. anyway, his companion also knows kaelin and other friends of mine from byu! seriously its such a small world in the church. i need to find him again and get a picture with him!! but this has made my whole week even better, which is always impossible!!

sidenote, can you get me kaelin and christians mailing address?? also i broke my camera sooooo help haha. 

grandma sent me cookies!!!! finally haha. like 2 dozen of them and i was so happy. she wrapped them in this big box with a ridiculous amount of heavy duty bubble wrap. let her know they got here safely hahaha. ALSO the lawrence family wrote me! i could just cry of happiness they are the cutest best family. camille and peter drew me pictures and camille "wrote" 'hi jordy. where do you live? love camille.' I DIED. so dang cute i miss their little faces. 

so i watched the most incredible video of one of elder Bednars messages to the mtc one christmas a few years ago called character of christ. it changed my life. if you want more detail about some of the stories he told, please send me a letter. they were incredible and everyone who has listened to this has said its life changing. but you cant find it bc we can only watch it in the mtc or something. anyway i received SO much revelation from elder bednars talk. it was mostly about possessing the characteristics of Christ in all that we do and are. im reading through my journal right now about what i wrote. annette bradley gave me the perfect little journal for sundays and devotionals, so i use it every sunday and tuesday evening to write revelation and all the good things. love it. he said we need to get out of the way and realize that this is NOT about us. I committed and volunteered myself to leave my past behind and let the Lord use me however necessary. its not about what i want, its about doing what ive been counseled to do in order to acheive what the Lord wants for His children. que bendicion!!!!! nobody forced me to be here at all. this is my choice. 

going off that, last night we had an absolutely incredible devotional with Michael John Teh of the 70. he was so funny and his wife and him were adorable and he said so many incredible things. he talked about how incredible the YOUTH are (i want people to see this is about the youth) and how everything they are doing and learning is preparing them for their whole lives and their opportunity to someday serve missions. "duty to god builds faith in pre-missionaries. the entire curriculum of teaching in sunday school has been altered. teachers are speaking less and less while youth bear testimony to each other and teach each other. family history is completely technological and designed for this day." everything points to the Lord hastening His work daily. he also said that "we were not content in serving in our wards and stakes alone, but to go out and do more; evidence of the atonement being used to CHANGE us.
 gosh so many great things i cant even write them all, nor do i have time. i also started thinking to myself what if the prophet was my teacher? in all my classes here at the mtc or in sunday school back in young womens. how differently would i act? how much more motivated would i be to show him how much i care to be here? i can do so much more to better prepare myself for what i have been called to do, and i am constantly (gently) reminded of my weaknesses by the holy ghost. 

i see adam christiansen (dont know how to spell) a few times a week!!! he serves my food at the cafeteria!!!!!!! and i see tyler albertson randomly, hes the gym coach and they rotate through main and west campus. then i keep seeing random friends from byui it seriously makes me so happy. i love familiar faces!! mom - have you figured out how to link this to facebook so my friends can see it/elder bake can know i saw his little brother?!?! i love everyone SO much and i pray for everyone individually. i feel so bad for poor josh grover!!! thank you for telling me about him, i pray for him as well, what a blessing to have just one more prayer right? cant hurt haha. poor thing!!! i miss the youth of our ward and the stake! theyre so great and such incredible examples to me!!! p.s. mom i bought a cheap ctr ring, one of the old ones that turns your finger green. thats where im thankful for clear nail polish if you catch my drift. but it says HLJ, Haz Lo Justo. (ps thats spanish) i love letters! use dear elder it costs nothing and i get letters that day!!!! in my hand!!! coolest blessing. ill be sending more pictures. Hasta luego!!!

con amor,
hermana zimmerman.

pppppssss. if its not too much trouble could someone print out my friends letters on their blogs so i have time to actually read them! thanks. mucho amor. 

My zone.  The best people EVER!!!!

     All six of us will be serving in Villahermosa.  We will be the first non-native sisters to serve in the area.

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