Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mi Mejor Familia

Dec. 4, 2103

mi mejor familia

so yesterday it snowed a good 8 inches. woke up to it snowing, and it didnt stop all day long. till like 9 pm. luckily i still have Bake's coat and it saves my life! the elder bake thats here always makes fun of me cuz he says brandon got that coat when he was like 15, he thinks its hilarious. whatever tho it keeps me warm!! i see him at least once everyday and it makes me so happy! i cannot believe it! i have made tons of awesome friends here that i could easily be friends with forever, people i just start talking to at random. then we see each other like everyday so yea i consider everyone my best friends. love it. but i do not like this snow. its ridiculous. 

last night for our devotional was supposed to be elder ballard, but because of weather he couldnt make it. so they call up Elder Bruce Hafen, never had heard of him, but they called him at 4:30 that afternoon asking if he could sub for elder ballard!! could you imagine?!?! umm yea ill come up with something for a couple thousand missionaries. but when they said it was someone different i was so excited and intruiged bc that means this guy was supposed to talk to us and someone needed to hear his message. and it was incredible. the spirit was sooo undeniable throughout the whole meeting. he said he was friends with elder holland since he was 3 years old and they went to each others birthday parties and everything. how cool. but he said he remembers elder holland being so hesitant about serving a mission because he would have to leave a girl behind. he almost didnt go. could you imagine if he had decided not to?? of course he doesnt regret a single second of his mission, and neither do i already. he talked about how on our missions, we grow up in the Savior and come to know God through our extremities. there will undoubtedly be hard times, so when they come ill be ready to accept them and know that i have been prepared for them. 

i dont have much time today and i have so much i could say, but nothing else major has happened!! spanish is coming along, i teach 1 to 2 15 minute lessons in spanish everyday to our investigators, and it gets tough. but everyday i am stronger and every hour i become a better version of myself. missions dont change you, they just make us more of who we really are. i love that. this is not about me. im not here to get what i want, im here to help others get what they want and what they need. que bendicion. i havent had a single doubt about the fact that i am EXACTLY where i am meant to be and meeting the people i need to meet. i love the mtc. its a dedicated place of love and diligence, and everyone is suffering through their own trials. you never know what a person is going through! its so difficult sometimes to put your own frustrations behind you and be there for everyone else. one of my very best friends here, hermana mcgary, just left last week. she went home. and i had NO idea she was leaving until the morning she left and she didnt show up to breakfast or any of her meetings. she had been having her own internal battle most of the time she was here, but she had been praying and fasting and attending the temple to know what she should do. and her answer was she was needed at home. i am proud of her for being able to be so in tune with the spirit that she felt that being at home was most important. so i cant wait to hear from her about the things she will be able to accomplish and people she will be able to influence. and its okay.

con mucho amor, 
Hermana Zimmerman

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