Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 4

my lovely family

i miss you all dearly. i miss how much i can laugh with all of you. the other day we were teaching a member family about the blessings they have received as a result of being born into the church and how now they can bless others lives. Aylen (the 6 year old balboa girl) was so confused. she freaked out and said "wait we were born in the church?!" it was so funny i dont know why but i laughed so hard. 

but ill tell you more about Villahermosa! Im right in the heart of it. we are in the villahermosa stake, Deportiva ward. there are two huge halves to deportiva, so theres us 4 hermanas. luckily we all live together. but we are a 2 minute walk from the stake center and mission office, sadly about a half hour walk from our own chapel, 20 minute walk from our area. so thats cool. haha we are looking for another place to live thats closer but its unlikely. the stake president is in our ward!! and hes the coolest. he served his mission here and met his wife (taught his wife/brought her back to church) and then came back later and married her. pretty cool. and we eat with them every thursday! what a cool blessing! his wife is hilarious, like shes just all over the place and so nice. and then hes laid back and cool and has zillions of awesome stories to tell. makes me think of president goodman and how lucky we are to be close with their family and have them in our ward! 

okay the weather. its pretty dang hot. basically ive already experienced some of the hottest days as california summers, but everytime we meet someone they ask how im enjoying the weather because in may and april its gona be scorching. i cant even imagine it. i dont know exactly how close to the equator we are but im pretty sure we live right on it. and since im in the (colonized) rainforest, theres always random downpours. like the heaviest rain ive seen. and we just casually walk in it because it dries when it hits us cuz the humidity is so strong as well. its great really. 

okay mosquitos are my worst nightmare. no literally i have dreams of swarms of them attacking me. no bueno. its a joke. so thats one of the worst things, just the constant annoyance of itching and new ones and im getting pretty good at killing them on the spot. my comp showed me her legs one of the first days i was here and shes got scars all over her ankles. all she said was "bienvenidos a la mision." sweet. but its no big deal! i just relate it to the gospel when we are teaching and people feel bad for me. all the ladies feel so horrible for me and start rubbing some sort of cream on my ankles. theyre all my moms. haha ill get over it soon, just getting accustomed to everything! but i love it here really. the trees are incredible. they break up sidewalks all over. houses are all different vibrant colors and people change them all the time. from like orange to turquoise. super cool! theres also alot of unclaimed dogs all over. with broken legs and tumors and just sad little things i feel terrible for them. 

i was reading a profile the other day and this lady said she had her family memorize scriptures together. then when their kids got into fights she,d make em recite one about love or something. so i think you should implement that. also one of the balboa grandkids, 14 year old named Lehi, we were at their house the other day for lunch and he told us everyone in his class has to give about an hour report on their religion. how scary would that be. THEN they have 10 minutes for questions! we were giving him all the details we could to help him out. but man thats a big opportunity.

 its illegal here as well to talk about religion in school but its not enforced at all.

my advice this week is to know that its okay to have hard days, that just means youre learning. every trial we have is an opportunity to take advantage of it and look to Heavenly Father for the strength we need. the Book of Mormon literally changes lives. when people read it they have a desire to change and be better. and its so possible with faith. its so simple yet so diffficult! i dont think we can ever understand the true importance until after this life! love you all. be an example everywhere you are. pray always!! always always always. and be nice to each other and my mom. and read D/C 121. hasta luego loves!

hermana zimmerman

my picture of the week. drenched hermana romero and i. lifes rough but always good. 

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