Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 6

yesterday we had 6 of our investigators come to church. just about died. my comp said shes never seen that happen before. shes about to hit her 6 month mark, and its almost my 3 month mark. it feels like more! but it also feels like i just got here! a little about hermana romero, she was only baptized 3 years ago. and shes such a powerhouse. she knows so much and is so strong! sometimes a bit sassy but she knows it and just stay quiet till she cools down. or tick her off till she laughs. either or, depends on my mood. we work so well together. sometimes i wish i didnt cut my hair because hers is the same length mine was and we,d be that much cooler but its okay. im recovering. 

so our investigators all think that our church is true and think the book of mormon is true because we say its true. they say well i know its true cuz youre good people and the mormons are good people. but they need to gain their own testimonies and we are trying to figure out how to really help people understand the commitment of baptism. its getting better though, we have 6 baptismal dates coming up and lots of investigators. so many that its hard to visit them all and we stress out because we dont walk fast enough and our area is huge and we want to meet with all of them everyday and help them individually with as much time as they need. but thats not how it works. so theres one thing i have to learn quickly. we get better everyday and we know we are doing our best, but we have got to work harder. 

p.s. members are so important. it made me ridiculously happy when we brought the de la cruz family to church, a mom and her 16 yr old alexander and 8 yr old edgar. we found them bc they live in their grandmas old house, and the missionaries taught her about 6 yrs ago. incredible how the Lord works huh. and all of the members came up one by one to meet them. and like all the young men came up and introduced themself to alexander and some primary kids came up to edgar and told him theyd show him where to go and they all loved it. then for the 3rd hour everyone in the ward watched a 45 minute long video on how to clean the building with detail, buutttt all was still well. yay for miracles!! every simple thing is a miracle.

this taxi driver was talking to us and asked us if we,ve seen any miracles. we asked what his version of a miracles is and he said something hes never seen or experienced before. so i told him what a miracle it is that we got into his taxi and then we got out cuz we were home and he was a bit crazy and yea. everyday is a miracle, the little things are all incredible blessings to us. 

fam i want you to read 2 nephi 2. its powerful. well the whole book is incredibly powerful but yea. read together more than just on sunday. 

love you all immensely. i have so much to say. t so many experiences daily that i cant even describe!! love you all 

hermana z


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