Monday, August 18, 2014

9 Months

supér long stressful week again! but all is well! i had to play the piano for the young womens choir in sacrament yesterday, basically the scariest thing of my life still to have to play in sacrament every week. especially when the branch president changes up the songs minutes before the meeting starts! just one example of my many trials of faith. 

but im happy and our area is full of work! tons of people to help and lots of relying on the Lord to be done! Alfonso and Imelda were baptized on the 9th, but they got into an unfinished argument that night and alfonso didnt show up the next day to be confirmed!!! basically the WORST feeling i have ever felt my whole mission, he was so happy and excited the day of the baptism and we were freaking out! but we kept visitng him to help him feel more comfortable and really understand the important difference he is making in his life and the life of his family, and luckily he came yesterday ready to go, and our mission president was visitng and got to confirm him. and now theyre happy and progressing and the members are helping them with all they do! 

miracles are constantly happening, and we meet people every week that are ready to change and be changed by the spirit. even if they dont understand our broken explanations, i have an extremely strong testimony of going to church on sundays and the ability people will gain to understand their purpose and receive answers to their prayers. love you all!! stay strong!!

hermana zimmmerman

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