Monday, August 25, 2014


another long week that ended up feeling really short. all is well here in Zapata. still blaaaazing hot all the time but believe it or not im pretty used to it. itll be so weird to come home to a different climate and not be sweating all the time. 

so quick update. im still here with hermana espinoza. everyone thinks we are sisters or twins, and the other day someone legitimately thought we were from guatemala. apparently theres a part of guatemala with people that look like us. but we are the only blonde blue eyed people in this place. they call us the rubio hermanas. 

so the membership here has quite a history of people getting offended by other people at the smallest things, then they decide to never come to church again. and it is SO SAD. theres only so much we can do as a companionship in this huge area. its probably something like the boundaries of the redhill ward, on foot. lots of people to visit and space to cover! but there are so many incredible people to teach. everyone is willing to listen us; thats the good/difficult part about mexico, at least in this part. so the way to really find people that are ready to change and accept this into their lives is to ask them to be baptized in the first visit we have with them. and almost all of them say yes. the hard part is helping them get to church. TIP for all the member missionaries  (thats all of you) i want you to walk right up to the missionaries in your ward, or call them up, and ask them when you can go with them to visit their investigators. because that is what everyone needs. someone to help them along and help them feel included. or at least so they can see that there are also normal people in the world, not just a couple of kids that they think study the bible all day. so help the missionaries in whatever way you can. I CAN TELL YOU NOW. the most important thing that anyone can do in this life, is help others come unto Christ and realize the important role that they play on the earth. nothing is more important. 

i love you all very much. even though my mom is the only person that really writes me continuously. okay dads getting better about it. but thats okay haha. ill just have to re-meet you all over again when i come home. be safe. listen to the Holy Ghost. help everyone you can in anyway that you can. 

mom! show max the video called "The Power of God" from mormonmessages on youtube. its incredible! the power and authority of God is still on the earth today, and how incredible that we are directed by a Prophet called of God to lead us through every difficult thing on earth today. the ability our Heavenly Father has to talk with his children is not ancient, it is restored. President Monson has the same power as Moses and Noah and Abraham. He could part the red sea if it was necessary. Obviously its not, but he has the same abilities as those men from the bible. so listen and follow his counsel. love you all. write me sometime!

hermana zimmerman

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