Monday, September 8, 2014

10 months

Monday September 8, 2014

mom! im so sorry im out of time! im in the worst internet place on EARTH!!!!!!!!!! 

BUT all is well! my new companion is Hermana Cabrera! shes from Peru! and i am her first companion in the mission, aka her trainer. basically means we take an extra hour of studies everyday so i can help her understand everything there is to know about anything. and i am teaching her about mexico its so funny! teaching her how to use her money, how to find addresses, different names of things that are different in Peru. Super crazy experience. i felt and still feel so inadequate, but shes awesome! and so funny. more on that subject next week when i (maybe wont) have time. 

alfonso and imelda are GOLDEN!! last week she was asked to give a TALK on sacrifice. and it was incredible. she talked about how we dont sacrifice just material things in order to follow Christ, but we have to sacrifice our pride. NEVER thought bout that, obviously cuz im prideful, but she definitely got everyone with that. she has progressed so incredibly, and her husband found work literally the DAY after he was confirmed. we got them their own quad and he took it with him to work (he has to be gone from monday til friday in a different city) and he said he had it out on his bedside table and a guy asked if he could borrow the bathroom in his room cuyz the other one was busy. then alfonso saw him looking at his scriptures, just staring at it. and alfonso was waiting for him to just start in about mormons and the whole deal, but then the guy says "hey, im mormon too" WHAT thta doesnt happen in mexico, miracle. and they started talknig all about it and about the different magazines from the church that he can read too and alfonso has downloaded literally every single church app on his phone and hes all stoked about it haha its awesome. i got emotional yesterday after imelda bore her testimony and i was thinking about how their little 3 month old girl, who also had her baby blessing yesterday, wont ever have to question where to find answers or find herself in the world, because a childhood in the gospel is the best thing they could give her. I LOVE THE CHURCH its SO clearly true. when people want to fight about it we literally just let em get it out and walk away. so many people are ready to change their lives and be blessed.its incredible. 

be examples of the believers. help people so that they can be with their families for eternity. love you all so much. SO MUCH.

hermana zimmerman

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