Monday, September 29, 2014


this week we traveled *walked, to a decent internet cafe so that we could
send pictures and actually write. but hello to everyone! its a great day to

haha had to. i made myself laugh. but really. thats all you have to do to
live for eternity with your family and our Heavenly Father. AND everyday we
mess up, hence the necessity to ask for forgiveness everyday. so do it! and
youll feel better and youll want to do better.

now a little bit of good news and bad news.

manuel is not progressing. he always reads his book of mormon when we give
him parts to read, and contrary to the rest of the world, he answers all
the questions at the back of the lesson pamphlets! BUT last week when we
passed by to wake them up for church, he was IN THE MOMENT lighting up a
cigarette. that sure makes us feel good. i yelled out DONT DO IT. and you
can imagine his face. and he showed up to church half an hour later. good
news is that we found out why his 15 yr old Iliana is hesitant about her
baptism. because she thought it meant she couldnt ever dance again or
listen to her music. IMAGINE if we dont listen to the spirit to help our
investigators. we told her of course not and now shes happy. my goodness.

also, we found a new family to teach that has cousins in the church that
are inactive. but we taught them how to pray and to do it sincerely and the
12 year old Beti said the next day that she did it and had a dream that she
was dressed all in white and being baptized!! just like the picture that we
showed her of a little girl at her baptism. how AWESOME the way God helps
people. i am so blessed to be a part of all of these wonderful things!!
more stories, but theyre all in my head.

ALSO IM SO EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE. you have no idea. its better than
christmas and your birthday on the mission. listen well!!!

love you!!


irma and iliana got baptized!! 6 baptisms from our branch this
saturday!!! love you!

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