Monday, November 10, 2014

1 Year +

lots of sun this week. we are getting more support from the members n our lessons even though there is still so few of them in our area! it feels much better teaching with a member. i wish they could be in every single lesson! and i pray for people at home hoping that they help the missionaries and go on as many visits as they can with them. its a huge and probably the most important part that brings the most success.i cant ever stress it enough.

ALSO ive learned how important it is to fulfill your calling. no matter what it may be, you better do it the the fulness of your abilities because our Heavenly Father is the ONLY person that you need to impress. and there wont be room for the blessings if we do what he has asked and even more.

still in Zapata with Hermana Cabrera! shes getting the hang of things real quick. i had to basically teach her and the slang and mexican terms. fun fact, theres no such thing as tortillas in Peru! and shes trying to gain weight haha. but her excitement level is through the roof. and it reflects a lot. basically its a lot easier to be positive if youre with a positive person,. and it the person isnt positive, then its YOUR job!!!! 

another fun fact. theres a newbie elder in our zone, elder taylor. no big deal, hes just a DIRECT descendant of John Taylor, 3rd president of the church. hes even from kirtland. like how cool can you be?! #mormoncelebrity

ALSO please do family history work, i regret not doing more of it before i left. and send me a copy of my fan chart thing on family search so i can show people here! i have one but not complete. do all you can to receive blessings you need. 

the only white girls south of the whole mission!! #mayanruins

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