Monday, November 3, 2014

1 Year!

WELL we are crazy busy all the time. 
also if you havent realized we are the strictest mission in the world with the least time to do anything. i dont know how all my friends write crazy long letters with tons of pictures. i cant even think straight in these dinky internet cafes! 

BUT rules are necesary if you plan to do things the Lords way. 

we had 7 investigators in sacrament meeting yesterday. some cant be baptized cuz theyre not married

found the perfect family that actually understood the restoration. and turns out the dad was baptized when he was like 8 when elders just baptized everyone they could find. his 3 kids are scheduled to be baptized the 29th!

a single mom and her 20 yr old daughter. understand and love the spirit. scheduled for the 15th!!

the cabrera family. the parents dont like eachother very much and have no religious background but the 2 kids can be baptized! the dad is so ready but not willing to really step up and help his wife fall in love with him again (14 years together) and theyre both lawyers. stress! but they always come to church! so their kids are scheduled for the 15th!! and we recently have recieved like 10 references from the members, actives and inactives. BUT the branch has got to get more involved. my comp is progressing like crazy and about to finish her training. lots of blessings when we keep the commandments and allow ourselves to be changed through the atonement. SO CHANGE AND BE CHANGED. 


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