Monday, March 9, 2015


Carmen. blazing heat. lots of stuff to do. we are the first sister missionaries in the ward in over 20 years so its funny to see peoples reaction when we visit them. they dont know how to treat us and ask us why we arent wearing a uniform haha. but this ward needs a lot of help and we are doing our best to get everyone involved and really be unified. thats the most important. the ward has got to be unified. if someone didnt go to church, GO SEE THEM. whether its your calling or not. if you think of someone or that you should go help them out or send em a message, DO IT cuz its the holy ghost. 

Visit the sick, help the needy, lift up the sad. do as Christ did, always act in such a way that you can be his representative. 

OH YEA we got to see meet the mormons. SO AWESOME. if you havent seen it yet go see it. our mission president said its a good way to get members on their feet. sometimes people are scared to share the gospel cuz they arent living as well as they should, simple. be obedient to the commandments!! be an example!!! everyone should ask you "oh youre a mormon! that means you do the family night thing on mondays!" and youre gona want to say yes... so do it!! love you all!! write me letters! in the mail! haha

love, hna zimmerman

the Carmen Zone!! #howmanymissionariesdoesittaketotakethesamepictureon15differentcameras #dontrememberhowtohashtag but here we are!!

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