Monday, March 23, 2015


the 2nd counselor in the stake presidency here has a little boy name Pahoran Helaman, and i asked him how old he was and he told me 5 and a half. then he proceeded to ask me a whole bunch of questions and i told him that i was 20 and a half. later on we saw him again in the chapel and the only thing he remembered about me, not even my name (of course) is that im 20 and a half. 

today i found in the huge stack of Liahonas in our house, a magazine from July 1994. (July 1994 is Jordy's birthday)  what. 
it had all the general conference talks from the april conference that year. president Uchtdorf was called to the 2nd quorum of the 70, and robert d hales was just called to the quorum of the 12. im old. 

and now we get to watch conference AGAIN what a blessing. and just yesterday i finished reading the last talk from the last general conference. the time passes by faster when you study the previous conference talks. i started studying right when we got the magazine with all the copies. we need to hear the words of the prophet and the apostles in our day, as well as the prophets of old. you cant do anything in this work or help God effectively if you arent constantly studying His words and His scriptures in order to learn and change and grow. 

the positive/negative part of serving a mission is that you become aware of every weakness you ever possessed!

Maribi was baptized on saturday. shes 13 and wants to be a missionary. she has changed alot in the last month and a half. when we found her she had just been kicked out of school and kicked out of her house. we have to pass her drunken relatives to get inside to see her. but dont worry they dont bother us or anything haha. and im really grateful that the Lord always completes what he knows needs to happen. despite all the different problems that poor Mari had to face, she was able to be baptzied and confirmed, something that will help her immensely as she continues to grow and progress. 

read the scriptures. study the words of the prophets. play the part that you have been given. do your best wherever you are called. BE PREPARED for when the Lord needs your help. 

in PMG it says "when the Father asked His Beloved Son to pay the price of the sins of the world, Jesus was PREPARED and WILLING."

are you prepared AND willing? will you be able to share what you know confidently with those about you? will you be able to testify of the truth that you know? 

Love you and pray for you all!!

love hermana zimmerman

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