Monday, May 25, 2015

18 +++

This week went by way too fast, but we were able to baptize one of our investigators, Levi Alejandro, a week early due to the fact that we had his interview with the district leader 2 weeks in advance, because we knew he was ready. He was just mentally prepared for the following week. Jose Rafael is 24 and he was prepared to receive the Gospel way before we found him. he follows every commandment, and right after his baptism we were looking for him and finally found out that he had asked to talk with the bishop right then and there, telling him he wanted to prepare to serve a full time mission. the bishop gave him a pamphlet from the offices of the church, and he read the whole thing and came to church the next day asking to talk with the bishop again so he could ask him who his home teachers were going to be. I think he will play a huge part in making this ward strong! in the second hour yesterday one of the stake counselors was teaching the lesson about how we have to accept the gospel and receive an answer for ourselves, not just get baptized because the missionaries are cute and have blue eyes, but Jose says "well they're going to leave anyway." haha we are not involved, just playing our part in the Lord´s work. And Levi Alejandro was baptized the same day, just as excited. Good things are happening! I continue to see progression and changes in myself, but there is still so much that i have to learn and change. the other sisters are getting better igual, trying to be more obedient so that they can receive blessings. I will be doing a couple different divisions with them this week to see how i can help them extend commitments with more authority. Thank you for all you do! Saludos a su familia!!

hermana zimmerman

love you all!! 

ALSO looked up the definition of mother in the guide of the book of mormon. translated into english it says "mother-the sacred title given to women who give birth to or adopt children. Mothers help bring to pass the plan of God by providing mortal bodies for the spirit children of God." cool right!!!! i have the best mom in the world!!! 

loovee you!! see you soon!!

Huge baptism party!!! Best last baptism ever. It was a bigger hit that the ward activity!

Jose Rafael, Levi and Yashara!!!

24 yrs old, 19 yrs old, and 18 yrs old!!! Yay!!! More future missionaries!!!
Not being able to do the ordinance gives all the elders loads of opportunities haha. 


Levi and his Mom

All Levis books of Mormon from allll the missionaries that have passed through to teach him over the last 4 years. He doesn't even use them, haha he reads on his phone!!!
An awesome picture that makes me happy even though its blurry!!

Levi and his family

Hermana Wonacott

Our Apartment. One room.

Trip to Cabana

All the Solteras
Yashara is the cute girl in white that got baptized!!


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