Monday, May 18, 2015


I'm out of time but i love you all! 2 of our investigators were baptized this weekend!

Angel AND Karla! she only had the chance to come to church one time but she was so anxious and ready and passed through her interview super prepared and the elder said she was ready so all we had to do was call president morales and good to go!

Karla's Baptism.  She was soooo happy all day!!!!!

She was so excited, the baptisms were awesome and super spiritual, there are so many people so ready to hear this gospel.

Secret to missionary work: it is ALWAYS time for harvesting. dont tell yourself that its yout time to plant seeds. we are living in the last dispensation!! our Heavenly Father has been planting seeds since year 1!! the field is white, and ridiculously ready to harvest. so press forward. trust in the Lord, and allow Him to guide you to those that are ready to receive the gospel in its plenitud!

Jose Rafael will be baptized on saturday! he is super stoked and inviting all of his neighbors. and always searching to learn more. he has definitely been prepared since birth with a tender heart and contrite spirit, and hes gona start playing piano in sacrament meeting!!! yay!! that way when im gona theyll have a pianist! 

Also, Levi has been prepared since birth, but in other ways. hes been throuigh many tough and trying experiences but he has accepted that they come from God and that now he can use them to help other people. hes awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ah!!!! his baptism is on the 29th!!! yayyyy!!!! and theyre gona give us special permission to confirm him that same night cuz stake conference will be bhappening, my last sunday!!!

love everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! see you soon, everybody just hang in there a little longer!!

and read 2 nephi 8, i love the teachings of isaiah right along with nephi!

also, ether 12:13-18... PREACH THE GOSPEL NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE!!!

love you all..

hermana zimmerman

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