Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I'm in Mexico!

On Tuesday, December 17, 2013 9:46 AM

MOM IM IN MEXICO. you would never believe everything thats happened already. but im safe and everything went well and i have never seen my hair do the things its been doing!!!!!! my mission president and his wife are SO GREAT and they have 2 gorgeous daughters that are 14 and 16 and they are the sweetest and i always ask them to help me learn spanish better. everyone here thinks that my spanish is way good which is surprising!! but that just means that i have lots more important things to work on. my president is hilarious i wish i could call you write now and tell you everything thats happened. everything is green and its humid and i looooove this weather!! even tho my hair is out of control just like all the otro hermanas. last night they drove us to an apartment where 8 elders live and had us stay there and kicked the elders out. havent met my companion yet, later today perhaps. he says he hasnt even decided exactly where we will go. all the food here is SOOOO GOOODDD IM IN HEAVEN i knew id love the food!! anyway the apartment was little and sketchy but way cool and this morning they made us walk back to the mission home in the rain. 3 blocks. with my little carryon and holding my blue blanket and my heavy sidebag. it was probably hilarious to everyone that saw us. then this morning we had a bunch of pictures taken then walked another few blocks to breakfast at a place called vips. the president said ¨´we are going to vips because you are all vips´ but he said its vips rather than vee eye pee. hes hilarious. IM SO HAPPY AND EVERYONES NICE. the elders are all freaked cuz they say that havent seen american women for so long. 

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