Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 2

So the 4 of us (the 4 of us hermanas that live together and are in the same ward) had to give talks yesterday. but oh my gosh i played the piano in sacrament and it was worse than my worst recitals when id forget my song completely and start over, because i couldnt start over clearly. so yea it was wretched but people were still impressed? either they were just trying to be nice or only heard me pang out the first and last few notes with confidence? i dont know. but since i had the strong prompting last week that i should play (since nobody plays they just play a cd player into a mike), i knew i had to redeem myself this time. even though it seriously was one of my top ten embarrassing moments. my companion said the best part was when i played the last note of the last song with enthusiasm, like "hey i know that one." but anyway people were still appreciative and they asked me to play again next week. its not like i can practice or anything! i know i just need to have an insane amount of faith haha. it was like when Peter walked on water and once he realized he could do it he freaked out and started to sink. totally was me. i would be in the middle of a good line and think hey ive got it and then id forget what song it was or something terrible like that. WELL. but my comp wrote me a cute little note saying how talented i was and how lucky she was to have me. how cute. but really im a horrible pianist. 

Enough about me though. christmas was the best day ever. it was another normal proselyting day and we taught members and investigators. ok the Balboa family. their dad is the first counselor in the bishopric and an awesome guy. anyways theres 5 kids 11 and under and theyre so loud and adorable. the youngest 2 are 5 and 6 and they always fight over who gets to pray when we visit them. imagine a little 5 yr old boy praying in perfect spanish for everything he is grateful for. heartwrenching!! but i took over that snow in a can that you sent me mom and they were craazy about it!!! it worked pretty well but they were all just fascinated that i had snow in a can with american writing all over it. they made me a list of spanish words to look up and define that are must-know words. i have lots of random pics bc the 6 year old ailine, took my camera and wouldnt stop. so cute. we went over there when the power went out when we were in the middle of one of our scariest streets, and they were playing games with candles. it was bingo with words and they said okay youre going to call out the words bc you need to practice your spanish. p.s. this is all bc i told them to always correct me. so we are crowded around this little table and ailine whispers to me across the table and points at me saying "me cae bien" which translates to "you fall well with me." basically like i love you or we´'re tight ya know. SO CUTE. she reminds me of trinity pilimai a bit. with gorgeous long dark hair. 

So we mostly visit less actives because theres TONS. one little cute old lady thinks when the bishops out of town theres no church. aaaand were pretty sure she doesnt know the difference between a chapel and a temple no matter how many times we try to explain. so everyone here has incredible faith, even if they arent members. they recognize that everything in their lives is from God and Jesus Christ and love them so much, BUT dont come to church. i never realized how heartbreaking it would be to visit a less active and become close friends and see them multiple times a week and have them say theyll be at church but theyre not. i just havent figured out why people wouldnt want to keep the commandments when theyre promised infinite blessings. the other day i was just thinking this, how lucky are we to have commandments!! ways to actually show our heavenly father how much love we have back for Him! AND to make us ten times more happy! so thats one thing i need to figure out, why you wouldnt do all in your power to live happily and on top of it receive and incredible amount of blessings. i have wayyyy more to say but im running out of time. oh also since i dont wear makeup (except sundays when i should be presentable) people are always fascinated by my "amarillo pestaƱas" or yellow eyelashes. they just make me close my eyes so they can observe hahaha.

ALSO last thing we have a reference, Marcos, and he owns a little boutique. so we went to visit him for the first main lesson cuz he says he will always listen to the word of God and we ended up teaching the entire plan of salvation lesson with little pictures spread out on his counter. and i dont know WHY i asked him to be baptized (ha yea i do) but it happened and he said yes and i was blown away. so was my comp so thats cool, she says shes proud of me. so im okay guys haha just need to study more spanish and more everything!! 

Everyday wake up and do something more. love you all with all my heart! everyone reading this!
con todo mi amor, 
hermana zimmerman!!!

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