Monday, February 3, 2014

week 7

well family i am extremely grateful to be a part of you. mom and dad, every single thing you have done for me ever has played through my mind in these 3 months. every thing. all the things that i hated and was angry about or fought about or had a comment regarding. thank you for continuing. 

everyone needs to be invited unto Christ. everyone is struggling with something. we were talking with a girl from one of the strongest families in the ward, they have a daughter on a mission and 2 other incredible girls and they're all just really strong. but, the oldest, anahi, has issues with her mom and they dont see eye to eye even though anahi is making good decisions and her mom sometimes disagrees. i asked if shes been praying and reading her scriptures.  she always goes to church and everything. but then i was inspired to ask if they prayed as a family. and she said they don't, nor do they have family home evenings. it hit me hard. how can something so simple make such a remarkable difference!?! but the real question is why do we think of certain things as "simple" and others not so simple, when really each one is equally as important because it is a commandment from God. there's no need to question it. ya just DO IT.

families are eternal. i will never let my family falter. so keep doing all of the things you do as a family and more. and for heavens sake be nice to each other! thats all i have to say this week. its just incredible. 

we asked a guy sitting on the curb for directions to a house, and started to walk away and wait at the corner of the street to cross. then i turned around and asked if hes ever heard about the church of jesus christ of latterday saints. and long story short he came to church with us on sunday morning. before we had a lesson or anything!!! and he said he has a dysfunctional family, like all of us, and we told him we can teach him amazing things to help our families be closer. just shows how many people need us. oh and transfers are today!! and im not going anywhere!!! the president said in our interview that my spanish is amazing and i need to focus on teaching hna romero english. and that i should start by just talking to her in english, pretty great huh. 

well i'm super happy and i love everyone here and when we teach its so easy to feel the love that the Lord has for them as well. it just flows through missionaries right to the person and they hear exactly what they need to. its incredibly powerful.

OH MY GREAT STORY. edgar, 8 yr old investigator from the familia de la cruz has been really sick. we taught them about priesthood blessings one night and he said he wanted one. it was late, and his mom said maybe tomorrow but he really wanted one that day. so we said we would ask the bishop or find someone to get him a blessing. so we were at our meeting with the bishop and he couldn't and his son could'nt and we call all the people we knew and they didnt answer or were busy, THEN we get a call from the stake president asking if we had a place to eat the next day cuz his wife usually feeds us but she just had surgery. we said yes its all figured out but asked if he was busy, he said a little bit but tell me what you need. we told him about edgar and the blessing and all he said was i'll be right there. POWERFUL. that's NOT coincidence. we met him at edgars house and he was dressed nicely, left all his work and sick wife at home to give a simple blessing of comfort to a little boy. imagine how important that was to his mom. then the blessing wasn't just simple, it nearly covered every aspect of edgars life and decisions. THEN after he told them a bit more about church and welcomed them and then told them where he lived and said if they ever needed anything at all to just ask.

what an example. i was so amazed. hes so faithful to his calling and to the power that he has to help others. reminds me a lot of president goodman. 

much much love!!

hermana zimmerman

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