Monday, July 21, 2014


first, watch this incredible video. i love it SO much and i could watch it over and over.

SECOND, some big news in the mexico villahermosa mission

hermana espinoza and i are the first pair of American sisters in the mission. and im the senior companion. and its going to be a HUGE change. usually we have a native speaker with us so that if theres a language issue, we are good to go. but now, the President and Heavenly Father trust me a lot to be the dependable one. hna E. has almost 4 months in mexico, i have almost 8. and shes incredible and we just had 2 baptisms this saturday that were crazy spiritual.

javier. hes 22 and his whole family was baptized a little over a year ago, except him. he didnt believe in God and he didnt even listen to the missionaries. every elder has tried to teach him, but they have no pátience for his questions or his attitude. but hermana garcia and her companion 6 months ago got him listening. and he had an incredible experience and decided he wants to be baptized AND serve a mission. and he didnt want ANYONE to know about his baptism, because he didnt want everyone in the ward to be like oh yea i knew that would happen or oh im glad i told him this or that. he just had us invite his mom dad and little brother, but he only let us tell them that it was a special baptism. so just the few of us were there in the room with the font, then we passed out the program with his name on it. and his mom was speechless. they are all sealed in the temple except for Javier. AND IT HAPPENED. he wouldnt even let anyone in the ward baptize him, he asked one of the elders to do it. but im so happy for him, and he knows sooo much about the gospel its a miracle.

abigail. shes 23 and was here visiting her aunt from chiapas for a little over a month and she wanted to be baptized, but we only had a week and a half to teach her EVERYTHING and president morales said it was okay, cuz its better that she goes back with the spirit than to go back and not know if she has a chance to get in touch with the elders quickly. so we visited her everyday and she read pamphlets and the book of mormon and we had to visit her twice one of the days. long story short, she was so happy, and it really made things a whole lot easier to have her aunt helping her understand things along the way. and shes so strong and understands so much already. 

NO TIME, we were traveling with hermana garcia and elders all day to get her super far away to her new area!! but its good. changes must happen if we are to progress in this world continually.

love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hermana zimmerman

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