Monday, July 14, 2014

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What city are you in now?
-I am in the Zapata branch in Zapata! there are 9 missionaries in the branch, and one of the companionships is elders and they arent at church on sunday bc their area is far away and they started another little building where people can take the sacrament and get learning about the church a bit more. so, its called EMILIANO ZAPATA. thats where i am

How did you travel there?
-We traveled by bus!! and it was freezing the whole time!! and they played the new star trek the whole time with chris pine and hes super attractive so it was a bit distracting ya know, but seriously, the coldest ive been in 8 months!!! 2 and a half hour bus ride from villahermosa

Do you still have the same mailing address?
-Yes, the mailing address will always be the same. all letters and packages get sent to the mission office in villahermosa, and from there they send them to us monthly.

If they closed your mission, then what mission are you in now?
-They did not close my mission, just my area. its like our ward at home. theres 4 missionaries in the redhill ward, each companionship has an area. its like if the area (boundaries of the ward) were dangerous so they took the missionaries and sent them to a ward in anaheim or placentia. different stake, different spot, same mission. my mission covers all of this state, its just called villahermosa cuz thats the center of everything. the biggest city in this state. so its kinda all new to be here bc my whole mission ive been in the city area, and now im in the country.
Mayan Ruins!!

Happy Birthday to me!

This is the view of my backyard.

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