Monday, July 7, 2014

8 months

MOM!!!!!!!!!! so i got your packages!!! thank goodness they got here on friday because that same day the president had to close our area because its too dang dangerous , so he had to shut it down. took out all the missionaries and sent us off in different places. now im 2 and a half hours away in the zapata branch!!! its too new and small to be a ward yet. and its basically the lapoint utah of mexico. i feel like im in utah. its just land and land and more land. and now im in a trio with hna ezpinoza (amercian) and hna garcia (from tijuana). and me and the other hermanas in our huose were all sad cuz i was living with hna weaver and we wanted to all celebrate together, so we just decided to do it all wuick and they threw up the streamers and hna moser made the cake in mugs in the microwave and hna ayala lit the candles and i love all the things you sent me theyre perfect and it was just really perfect that it came in at the right time!!!! i love you so much!!! sister alvarado sent me a cute awesome package as well! love her!!

                                my companions!!! hna espinoza is white and hna garcia is mexican

hna espinoza reminds me of aspen. the way she walks and talks and her facial expresions. and her hair. its so crazy i cant get over it. pleasse somehow tell aspen i love her and miss her. i have been thinking about her ever since i got here!!!! tell her happy bday for me!!!

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