Monday, October 27, 2014

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well i really dont know where to begin. but ill start with the cabrera family

found camilo cabrera about a month ago. hes a lawyer and hes a bit sad. he lives with his "girlfriend" (of 14 years) and their 2 perfect children. but we found him one day and he let us come back to visit him. he was home alone that day so we left him with a restoration pamphlet and an invite to church the next day.
and he showed up by himself and stayed the full 3 hours and he loved it!!!
AND he knows tons of the members and he wants his family to be involved. his wife isnt all that excited about it but after we taught them about the importance of the whole family together and what it means to our heavenly father, all four showed up to church and stayed the full 3 hours!! and their kids as well have friends in the primary!!

long story (but awesome story) short, camilo has been Reading the book of mormon and he is so ready for baptism, but he has to get MARRIED and she doesnt want to!! their scared about what will happen cuz all the future generations of their families ended in divorce. but hes like "i promise ill get married after my baptisms!" um no it doesnt work like that haha. but hes ready and they just gotta get things together!!

and Beti and Edith are sisters and just got baptized and theyre so happy and i have so many funny experiences with them but ill tell you all about it in a few months!!! we are just trying to do our best down here and fulfill our commitment to the mission pres to baptize every week!!! and its stressful but i testify that its possible and if you just look and listen to the spirit you will be able to find the people that are ready to have their lives changed through you!! invite everyone to listen to the missionaries! they dont know if theyre ready or not unless they listen to them, DUH!! AND if you want to know what im doing, just let whatever mormons that come across you enter your house and share an incredible message with you that will change your life forever


hermana zimmerman

ALSO dont let yourselves fall into a terrible pattern of belief and disbelief like laman and Lemuel. 1 nephi 7 and deuteronomy 4:9 DO WHAT YOU KNOW IS RIGHT!!

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