Monday, January 5, 2015

14 Months

today is transfer day, and they STILL arent transferring me. and you know why??

cuz the cabrera family accepted a baptism date!!! all 4 are super stoked and making their wedding plans and everything!!!! but they have to go to the state and all this drama, pray for them!!

so there are missionaries that have come to zapata after me and theyre all leaving before me!! so i have 6 months here, with this transfer it'll be 7 and a half. wow. and i only have 3 transfers left!!! crazy!

also, i received a call from the mission presidents wife today to give me a calling as the new sister training leader. basically im in charge of the girls of the zone cuz the zone leaders arent supposed to call them all. but i have to travel to villa with the zone leaders to go to the council with the president and all zone leaders in the whole mission then we come back and teach the missionaries here all that happened. and its a major responsibility and im a bit scared haha cuz im going to have to report all numbers to the assistants and evaluate all the missionaries and i do not in any way feel capable but it just means that ive gotta step things up. AHHH. 

ALSO hermana cabrera, my 1st hija, is going to be TRAINING a newbie!!! shes barely got 4 months in her mission!!! so awesome. i always told her itd happen but i didnt think so fast!! 

so all is well. lots to do. as always. be strong. make good decisions. remember who you are and what you stand for. and always help out the missionaries!!!!!!! like daily!!!!!!! 

looove, hermana zimmerman 

also i lost my voice the DAY we went to a huge service activity with our zone to a major hospital to sing to all the patients. GREAT. and we had to perform with our district in our xmas dinner with the president, and i had a part, and i sounded like a horse. a hoarse horse. haaa good one hermana z.. LATER!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! SET GOALS AND KEEP THEM!!

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