Monday, January 19, 2015


wow. sooooo THE CABRERAS got MARRIED. just the wedding of the year with all of the most important people in zapata. AHHHH i cant believe they actually did it. they looked sooo happy and everyone there was taking the credit for gettiing them married haha. but camilo told us that they really owe it all to us and the Lord. it is so rewarding to be a missionary and to be allowed to take part in peoples lives as they change and grow and understand who they are and who they can become!! since OCTOBER i have seen this family at their worst and now at their best. they are learning so much, and after seeing the blessings that come from obeying the commandments, they are willing to do whatever it takes to be obedient and live together forever. 

INCREDIBLE seriously. AND THEN they had their interviews last night, all 4 passed and are super prepared!! i mean they already pay their tithing and offer to feed us and everything, they have been to church more than 10 times and they offer to do whatever they can to support anyone. they have changed immensely and are so christ-like and continue to be examples for everyone. 

ALSO juan carlos!! hes studying in the university here, lives alone his family is from far away, but we found him and hes looking for truth. he wants to learn all that he can so he can preach like us someday and make a difference in the world. and he will be baptized on saturday!! the other day we taught him about keping the sabbath day holy and he was like wow i had no idea we needed to sanctify Sunday and do Gods will instead of our own. and he asked us forgiveness cuz he still had a lot of homework to finish on sunday and he said we didnt tell him with enough time so he could finsih it and obey the commandment haha poor thing (cuz we taught him saturday night) but he said i promise the next sunday ill do exactly what you told me. super willing!! and he recieved a priesthood blessing cuz hes a bit sick and stressed but hes strong and he says he can feel himself closer to God and now he doesnt feel lonely. YAY!!!! but still so much to do!!!

i love you all and i will see you very soon!! just trying to do my best to make the difference that i can while i still have time!! help the missionaries and help each other!!

hermana zimmerman

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