Monday, January 12, 2015


More busy than i thought could happen. theres a companionship that im in charge of that are just south of zapata and the farthest sister missionaries from the offices and they are the first sisters in Tenosique! so great! and they say that everyone is so ready to get to work to help find the people that are prepared to hear the gospel. what can we do to get people here in zapata equally as excited?? well invite them with us!! also, ive come to realize that sometimes people dont share what they know to be true because they are afraid they might not know how to explain things perfectly. but hey... ask the missionaries! they can help you! and do your best and even more!

also, write me letters! hand written! so i can read them whenever i want! 

sorry not much else to report. OH yea theres a new senior couple in our mission and they sent them to zapata!! thank goodness!! an answer to all our prayers. they are almost purely working on reactivation what a blessing. now theres 10 missionaries in our branch...spoiled. 

also, its cold here!! just a little bit longer and we get the heat back!

Av. Circuito C.D. Deportiva no. 206
Colonia Atasta
C.P. 86100 Villahermosa, Tab

me and hermana lowe!!! havent seen her in almost a year and shes doing great looking great!!

Hermana Lowe was in the MTC with Jordy
Middle of nowhere with the chickens.  Nobody was home.

Odalys receiving her scriptures from America with her name on them

Zapata and Pelenqua Sisters

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