Monday, April 6, 2015

17 Months

the first step to HAVING success is believing you can be successful. I can honestly say that i have come to understand this for myself. also, you better repent if you constantly cut yourself down or beat yourself up because youre not perfect. THAT is a lack of faith. and a lack of understanding of the word "grace". His grace is sufficient. sufficient enough to fill the other half that you are unable to accomplish. sufficient for all men so that they can become what He wants them to become. 

CONFERENCE. bomb as usual. even BETTER when 8 of your investigators show up!!!! all with a baptismal date!!!! including a family of 6!! that need to be married so here we go again. 

ROSARIO: mom asked for an update, well he is stoked about his baptism on saturday. he came to the last session of conference, and he loved it. he is 63, and wants to learn everything!! whenever we call him or show up to his house with the members, he gets so excited about everything we say or share from the scriptures. we just got back from teaching him about the law of chastity. awkward cuz last week he expressed to us that he wanted to marry me. we just kinda let that one slide and said not possible. anyways, when we asked him what he though about the commandment after the lesson, he said "hmmm ive been thinking about the law of chastity (in the same half hour we taught it haha) "and i think that its the best thing in the world." and he proceeded to bear his testimony about the importance of families to God and how much he wishes that everyone could know the things that we have been teaching. and in his prayer at the end he prays for strength to be ready for his baptism. and the members love him cuz his last name is Chanona. so once the bishop heard that, obviously thats his nickname haha classic. everyone here has a way to be remembered. 

LEVI: CAME TO CONFERENCE. even though his mom has to go so that he will go. but its okay! cuz now theyre getting closer to each other!! and it was PERFECT the sunday morning session cuz it talked all about technology (hes an addict) AND  about free agency. he is waiting for someone to receive his answer and make him change, but now hes starting to realize that hes gona have to get up and act. 

WILLIAMS: WELL he couldnt go to conference cuz he had to take care of his nephew, but he says that he is changing a lot. he is reading the book of mormon and praying. but he´s skeptical cuz before his accident he was all caught up in bad stuff (reallllly bad stuff) and he thinks that once hes able to walk again and everything, he will fall back into the same stuff. that is EXACTLY what satan wants us to think. that its better to not even try and change cuz it wont be possible. but first, you have to believe. 

COOLEST STORY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so our investigator Gaby is 25 and has a 7 year old with autism. he cant control his body and cant talk and cant do anything on his own. he cannot and hasnt ever sat still for more than 2 minutes and grabs everything in his path. Gaby and her mom Imelda came with us to the chapel a couple weeks ago to give them a quick tour inside so that Angel (7 yr old) would feel more comfortable. when we dropped them back off at their house, Angel shook our hands. NEVER happens. and you should have seen Gaby´s face, something i will never forget. turns out as well that every member that has visited them with us including the bishop, has had some part of their life teahcing or caring for children with disabilities. WOW miracles. AND THEY CAME TO CONFERENCE. and you wont BELIEVE it but when motab was singing, Angel sat perfectly still in his mothers arms, didnt yell or anything. wow miracle. and he held my hand. and then he wanted to walk around so this RM from the stake helped us set up the sound system and tv in the relief society room, and Angel was jumping around and walking and touching the walls and SMILING. something that he hardly evvveeerrr does. and his mom and his grandma learned so much. they have had their fair share of judgemental people and pastors lying to them, and to hear conference spoke so much peace and assurety to them. MIRACLES AHH i am so privileged to be a part of this. Gaby had a dream that Angel was about 10 yrs old dressed in white completely calm being baptized in a river. she didnt know what to think of it. but i believe that it was a way of him showing her an example, so that they can al be together in their perfect form.


love hermana zimmerman

read your scriptures

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