Monday, April 20, 2015


Miracles. Everywhere...
soooo NEWS FLASH. GABY GOT BAPTIZED A WEEK EARLY. she couldnt wait any longer!! she had a dream that her son Angel was all dressed up in a suit and completely reverent and calm in the church, and she was up at the podium bearing her own testimony!! saying that she knows that all these things are true and she knows that God is with us and that Jesus Christ truly lives. And that after reading the book of mormon she has seen herself and her family change drastically. and she said she woke up crying and that it was her answer and we quickly planned her baptism and it was gorgeous and her son sat almost completley stil the whole time and it was just so incredible. such a miracle. she was so giddy and smiley all week and just a completley different person than the exhausted and helpless Gaby that i met almost 2 months ago. incredible!!!! its seriously unbelievable to be a part of this work. there arent enough words to describe it because you have to live it...

and theres a 10 year old named Jonathan that is so stoked the first time we met him and invited him to be baptized he said "oh yes i would like that very much." and so he is reading his book of mormon and dragging his mom to church and learning all that he can!! its so adorable, and we showed up late to one of our appointments with him and he was all freaked out and his mom said he didnt want to go out to play with any of his friends and basically waited in the house all day for us.

also we moved!! and its another miraculous unbelievable story that ill tell when im home. BUT BASICALLY, God is not going to tell us what to do!! we have to start doing things and making decisions so he can guide us, while living the commandments of course. that is something that i have had to learn on my mission. theres  not one perfect answer or perfect path that everyone is going to pass the same things in life. you have to do what He wants you to do. and you have got to be strong in all things!!

love you gotta go!!

hna zimmerman

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