Monday, April 27, 2015


Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
Gaby has a mom named Imelda. who we put a goal for her to be baptized on May 2nd. but this week, our district leader asked us "well why doesnt she just get baptized this saturday instead of wait a week?" and we were like.. hmm good question. wait here elder we're gona go ask her. so we ran to her house (close to the chapel thankfully) and said "hermana! we have great news! you can get baptized this saturday and we can do your interview this afternoon!!" and she said "well sure why not!" some people are more prepared to receive the gospel than we are to share it! dont waste any time that you have here on earth to share it with everyone you know! at LEAST one of all your friends is going to understand and accept it, if not all of them! play your part! 

there ya have it. we had a goal to baptize 4 people this month, even though there were only 3 weekends in which we could hold baptismal services. but the good thing is, we make goals under the influence of our heavenly father. we felt like we could complete it, and we did. you can honestly do anything with you faith. you FUTURE is as bright as your faith. my faith has grown like crazy i cant even describe it. 

Jonathan  was super excited that we had to move up his baptismal date cuz he was too prepared. hes reading his scriptures, and he said to his mom "too bad, mom, youre going have to buy me my white shirt and tie now that im getting baptized!" and he made her buy him white everything for the baptism. EVERYthing hahahaha. so adorable. and his mom is listening and changing and she needs even more help, and we are so amazed and grateful that her kids are giving her a good example. after the baptism Jonathan said he felt great and that when he went back into the service he didnt even feel cold, that he didnt feel anything but good things. 

This week, I was reading in 2nd Corinthians 5. and its incredible. you have to read it. and you have to remember, just like Dallin H. Oaks said in july 1994 (like you all remember bc you study all general conference talks) he said the first principle of the gospel isnt faith. its faith IN Jesus Christ. you have to put your faith to action. how? by repenting. by using the atonement in your life to be made clean each day, and again each week as you take the sacrament. Faith in Christ is what allows us to make correct decisions, its what strengthens our testimony so that in times of trial or distractions or temptations or people making fun of you for what you believe, you have something to rely on. YOUR FAITH and testimony in Jesus Christ. hello! He's just the only person thats never going let you down! 

So yea. read Corinthians. and the whole bible if you get the chance.

Levi tried to fast after we showed him a video about a guy that was basically athiest and someone told him about fasting, so he tried it and asked God to show him a sign that He was real, and he got his answer later than expected, but he GOT it. haha but Levi said he didnt last even 7 hours cuz its SO HOT HERE. but he just got back from visiting his sick grandma after he disappeared mid-april. we arent going leave him behind though, dont worry. 

Love you all so much. I'm not ready to come home juuussstt yet haha ive got more to do. but love you all for being excited for me! but be more excited that im in mexico preaching to the people from the Book of Mormon. how cool is that!? cooler than life itself....

loooove, hermana zimmerman

Jonathan is the little head in the middle of all the family. Everyone is related! 
His little sister is in the pink dress and his mom is behind him. 

...then theres Imelda! she's tiny!

Rosario!!! 63 years old! and he loves going to visit all the members!

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