Monday, February 10, 2014

week 8

i hit my 3 month mark! one day before hermana romero hit her 6 month. i cant believe how fast the time is going by. i dont even know what to write right now. we have been looking for a new house for a couple weeks cuz the president thinks we need to be in a safer area with better conditions, so we have been looking and looking and everything is way over budget. but today we got called into the presidents office and we might switch houses with the assistants bc its bigger and we are gona have 2 more hermanas that are about to open up a new area that need to live with us. BUT just this morning we rearranged basically the whole house to make it better and its so clean now but the elders that work in the offices want our house cuz its the closest to the office in the whole mission. hence we always have the new sisters stay with us, 3 new ones from america last week! and whenever people need to be at the office they stay with us. but anyway its all a mess and of course after we get accustomed to our new house the Lord has a different plan. but its all great!!!! we will most likely switch house with the assistants to the president and their house is nice so itll be fine. we also found the cutest house in this little development called blancas mariposas. whatever happens itll all be great! and we are all happy!

yesterday was stake conference. best experience. edgar and alexander came with us! we went all the way to their house and only the two of them were awake so we were just like lets go we have church! and edgar looks at us like huh? ok. and both of them came and we sat on the very front row, scary. and the stake president talked and the mission pres and his wife and the temple pres and his wife. it was all so great and spiritual!!! the mission president told all the missionaries in the conference to stand up then we started singing called to serve and all walked up to the front, like 45 of us and then he talked about how members are the same as us and he had everyone in the congregation stand and sing the first verse with us again. it was awesome! there were over 700 hundred people there i couldnt believe it. and for some people it costs alot of money to get that far. it was packed like our stake conference though i was so happy! 

also the other day we were walking through our more sketchy part of our area and i hear a little voice say "wow que guapas!" which means beautiful or something like that and i turn around and these cute little girls would run after us a bit then hide giggling and still peeking at us from a distance so i motioned for them to come over to us and they both run over and then a couple more tiny ones run over and long story short they were fascinated that i was american and fascinated by hermana romeros hair and my hair and it was so cute! we gave them a pamphlet and they were fighiting over it and we set up a visit with them. when we asked them what time they were free they were like "well we play outside from about 1-4 so anytime around then. oh my gosh it was the highlight of my day! and after we said goodbye (after teaching them a little principle of course) they all still followed us for a bit down the street. i love all the little kids here they are so adorable. while hermana romero talks to people im just talking to the little kids and i carry around a coloring book thank goodness,and its just the greatest!! im so lucky and so happy right now. oh yea, i have been teaching hermana romero how to play the piano. im  a bad teacher wow i have to work on my patience haha. im so blessed with that talent!!! the bishops kid brought us their old elctronic keyboard so i can practice for sundays. and hermana romero wants to learn so bad. she can already play as sisters in zion! so at least shes a good student! i love you all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARIAH. BE A GOOD GIRL AND MAKE GOOD CHOICES. I pray for you all and think about you all the time. also AUNT JULIE I ADORE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR SENDING ME LETTERS AND NOTES AND YOUR XMAS CARD. Sorry i havent responded, but all of your words really really mean alot. praying for grandmas comfort right now. i know everything will be ok one way or another.
heres a picture of our district!!! minus the presidents assistants! i love them all and i cant believe what incredible examples im constantly surrounded by! hasta luego 
love hermana zDisplaying P1200224.JPG

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