Monday, February 17, 2014

week 9

wow so much has happened. first of all i got all your letters mom. i cant stop looking at the christmas card everyone looks so incredible. even tho it hurts a little when i see my face on the other side, im never satisfied with myself on the christmas card. BUT ANYWAY, i got a xmas card from the chipmans! and aunt julie! and lots from my missionaries from around the world, always the absolute best. this week a ton happened really.
first of all Dulce Maria. one of the first sundays in the ward we met this little old lady and the first thing shes says is "you girls are baptizing me on the 11th of May." so theres that. her daughter is an incredible member whose husband is the stake secretary, he only got baptized like 5 years ago. the whole family is incredible. anyway, her 80th birthday is on may 11th, which also so interestingly happens to be the day i go home next year, nevermind that. she is so set on the date.  we teach her once a week when we go over to their house to eat. she believes everything and she knows its all true and shes got the whole day planned out and its happening now cuz her husband just finally has given her the permission. we will see if im still here in this area for that!! i so badly want to be!! shes the cutest thing and she writes love songs and her granddaughters are the best and yea shes hilarious and so sweet and wants to do everything right.
so we moved into the APs house. IT WAS SO MUCH WORK. and we found out we were moving in the morning after a meeting and went home to start packing everything up right away and we moved in that night. it was crazy. and the house is in the safest area and its really nice. the ap's were all proud cuz they spent all day cleaning for us, then we got there that night and no joke spent 3 hours cleaning. 3 HOURS. typical. i can testify to all of you that the elders that are the cleanest and most organized really arent either in comparison to the girls im living with haha. its like mom, nothing can wait and everything gets cleaned. oh and now im living with hermana riedelbach and her companion too! theres 6 of us together now! its all good everything is working out just fine and we are way closer to our area.
so last week the 6 of us set up a table out front of the stake center. a little table amongst all the valentines stuff. seriously the street was so crowded with all this valentines stuff for sale!!!! so we were asked to contact people. we told them a little about what we are doing and asked for their address to have missionaries go teach them and we got 130 contacts in 3 hours. the office elders the day before were out in the shade and all proud about getting 50 contacts and telling everyone. its nothing really. but thats so many people that are ready to hear this message!! one little lady i jumped out in front of (basically) and we told her a bit and got her address and said ok someone will come visit you! and she said "but hermanas, i cant wait until that." and she started telling us about how many trials she was going through and her daughter left and son doesnt have a job and they have no money and all these horrible things! we took her on a tour of the stake center to find the person that helps with jobs, but they werent there. so she took her to see the whole chapel and asked how she felt and she said honestly i just want to cry. and we held her while she cried and she said she felt better. then we gave her a whole bag of mangos that this friend of hna romero and i gave us. he sells fruit everyday in front of the chapel we always pass by and he always gives us fruit. how perfect he had given us that whole bag just an hour earlier. THIS CHURCH IS TRUE. if you believe one part of it, you believe all of it. i have a ridiculous amount to share but itll have to wait. sorry to everyone i never respond to!!!! ahh!! 
never doubt what you know, and always share what you can.
love you all, 
hermana z
 Me and Dulce!!! my cute abuelita!!

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