today i almost got hit by a car, my companion literally grabbed my arm to pull me back. then a few minutes later i walked straight into a thick tree branch cuz i was looking down. seriously almost passed out and it was a little hard to walk. this happened within the last hour. just an example of my issues.

missions are tough guys. but i still am having the best time of my whole life. edgar and his brother are ready to get baptized. he said he prayed and asked God if what hermana romero and hermana zimmerman are teaching is true. then he said he had a calm feeling that hes never felt before. i just died hes so adorable. theyre both ready, but theyre mom isnt quite ready. she says she doesnt want to mess us after her baptism, she wants to be completely ready. she already knows the church is true but is afraid of all the responsibility. 

thats the tough part. members have a lot of responsibilites on top of their callings on top of the commandments ON TOP of their regular lives!! but i know there is not a single faithful member that can truly explain or express their feelings for all their blessings that they have from this gospel. we simply cannot live without the blessings we are already promised to receive.

mom youre so awesome for inviting people to hear more and to learn more. its really their divinity to hear this gospel. and people arent scared because if they are truly ready, the teachings will simply be a call to rememberance of a plan that they knew about and CHOSE before this life. an invitation is ALWAYS out of love. like a bday or wedding. you invited people that mean something to you because you want them to enjoy something with you.

 the mosquitos have stopped eating me! what a blessing. 

funny story. we live next door to this cute german shepherd puppy (but hes huge) with the deepest hazel eyes. his name is oso which means "bear" in spanish. one time of the ap's was on the phone with the mission president and he kicked oso's ball and oso started biting his feet so he starts yelling "oso! oso!!" and the presidents like what!? a bear???!!. super funny. random. 

OH YEAH its literally as hot as the river in the hottest days at the river right now. and everyones like "the heats here!" but then they laugh and say oh this is nothing just wait until april and may. so i might die. and its humid. so hopefully we lose weight! haha i cant believe i have the strength to walk as much as im walking right now. its incredible. and its not my own strength i know that. we have the most missionaries of every mission is all of mexico!! over 250!! and last month 40 percent were sick. i am so blessed i wasnt sick. 

love you all with all my heart. keep making good choices and always stand up for what you believe in. nobody has the power to do or say anything to you that can destroy your faith. also mom please please keep all those church cartoon movies, i still think of them whenever i hear a story from the book of mormon or the bible. the pictures are in my mind every time!!! PLEASE KEEP THEM ALL. AND SARIAH AND DACEY SHOULD GO OUT WITH THE SISTER MISSIONARIES. hna romero and i made a sign up list and passed it to the youth to go on visits with us. its the best thing theyre so fantastic.all the youth have to go with them!

love you all with all my heart. 
The only American sisters in my zone. Sisters Weaver, Lowe and Riedelbach from the MTC!

On Wednesdays we STILL wear pink.  We didn't even plan this.

View from my roof.

"Oso" the dog lives next door to us.  Oso means Bear in spanish. Whenever we open our door to the roof (not very often) he always pops up.
Happy 17th birthday Sariah! (from my roof!)