Monday, March 17, 2014

week 13

well this week was long and a bit stressful! tomorrow is transfer day and we had to wait til today to find out what would happen. everyone was betting that id leave or have to train an american! but neither happened and all 4 of us are staying here again. its hermana romeros bday tomorrow so ive been telling everyone in the ward and that we are teaching that its her birthday so theyll all give us cake. super clever i know. we have a ton of new investigators to teach and a lot of work to do and we are motivated and ever changing and growing. so many spiritual experiences every day i wish i could tell you every single one! but everythings great! love you! stay strong in all you do! read your scriptures and let the spirit talk to you!  love you lovelies!!!! 

me and hermana romero!! the greatest companion and mexican version of me!

All the sisters in my zone


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