Monday, March 31, 2014

week 15

so theres a lot of ugly stuff going on around here. the whole police force is on strike right now cuz they want higher pay and safer weapons or something i dont know. so theres not many people in the streets cuz its not safe at all. and eeevvverrryyonne tells us we should be careful and we are crazy to be walking around alone. but we havent seen nor experienced anything bad happen. and we arent too scared either! even though people are getting robbed and assaulted and the stake relief society president was kidnapped and held for ransom last month. they recently let her go though and didnt do anything too bad to her. but thats villa at the moment!

but dont worry mom! im fine! we are being smart about everything and we know we are always protected. seriously dont worry. haha even though it sounds sketchy nothing bad will happen. and if it does then we´ll take it cuz we know nothing is going to happen that we cant handle. so enough of that.

this week we visited a less active kid. he lives with his mom but hes 29 and hes divorced and hes always out with his friends and stuff. but we finally caught him at home and he started talking to us saying yea yea ive been inactive since 2005. but actually i was planning on going to church this sunday. so we looked at each other like oh sure, what a coincidence of course he´ll be there. but then he actually showed up!! so that was a slap in the face with our disbelief. 

another thing, remember manuel with one foot? so the day after he came to church with us that sunday he loooved it. he loved everything about it and the bishop said perfect things and it was great but then he says yea it was all beautiful and so great and i felt so different and peaceful in your church! but yea im never gona get baptized. he believes everything we tell him and believes the book of mormon is true and all this, but he doesnt believe in joseph smith cuz he was white and young. so we showed him pictures of all the other ollldd first prophets of this dispensation with their beards and they look old and he says yea i believe in them, i believe they were prophets, its this jose smith i dont like. soooo thats the kind of stuff we try to explain to people! it can be something so simple. if you believe in Jesus Christ, you believe in the book of Mormon because it has His words and teachings. and if you believe in the book of Mormon, you believe in joseph smith because he translated all of it. and if you believe that, then you believe the church is true. and in the end youre happier in all that you do because you have that personal knowledge. and all people have to do is ask God is what we say is true, and Hes going to respond. and if you want an answer, youll always be looking for it and youll find it. but by the way we keep visiting him occasionally and hes understanding more and more and he agreed to go to conference with us. and he really wanted us to say hi to our parents for him. he loves us like children and always makes us food or something when we go over. and he says our parents must be pretty great people and he wishes he could meet you. so good work guys;)

so i am literally serving right now in the place where Lehi and his family first came to live. these people are descendants of the people in the book of mormon. right here where i am right now. we ask people if they knew that Jesus Christ visited the americas as well and we have the book with all the records of what happened?! 

basically we have everything we need right now to be happy. just have to accept and take advantage of all of it. watch general conference. youll find answers to any question and you find the peace you look for every single day. i cant even wait to watch it!! its going to be incredible. love you all. please be happy all the time. bye!

 my favorite little chubby 8 year old. his name is alexis and hes SO FUNNY my favorite little thing omg. his mom makes the best tamales
 activity with the relief society! our awesome investigator pamela was there

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