Monday, March 24, 2014

week 14

let me tell you one thing, its literally 100 times easier to be a better person and make good decisions when you regularly read the book of mormon. whether youre a member of the church or not, that book can literally change youre whole outlook on so many things, if not everything. the missionaries and people in the church can tell us so many wonderful things about life and about Christ, but we can never learn as much as we can when we are READING actual words of God and experiences of prophets of God. we are able to gain our own testimony of things that so many people feel so strongly about. i know the book is true. theres no way i can deny because i have seen it change people as it has changed me. and nobody can deny what they are capable of feeling when they read it. i could go on and on, but it wont matter because its my own experience. i can only invite people to try it for themselves. obviously then its a million times stronger. im just the messenger, i cant give people my testimony, just help them have theirs. 

the other night we passed by this lil skinny dude that has a bit of an ego and a huge truck and he was drinking a bit all happy and giddy and he started talking to us and he was saying yea youre mormons right? my wifes a mormon! then he yells up to the second floor of the building behind him to get his wives attention and hes yellin at her and he says "hey! come down here! its the elders! the elders are here!" i didnt have the heart to correct him hahah but anyway. we asked if he ever went to church and that he can change and stuff and he says nah i dont believe all that stuff. and he asks us how old we are and i say 19 and he says youre still a little girl, what can you tell me about changing my life; im 35, my lifes already decided! and hna romero says "well dont you have faith? you can do anything you want to" and he says "whats faith, faith doesnt exist." even though he had previously told us he believes in God and Christ and the Virgin Mary, so hermana romero says "well have you seen them? do you realize that faith is believing things without seeing them?" and he goes "wow. no i honestly didnt know." and he was speechless. thats just one small thing that happens almost every day. people here are SO confused, and so used to tradition and dont realize that they can think and feel and gain a testimony for themselves throught their OWN efforts. 

the Lord is pushing me and hermana romero reaaaalll far right now. we have great investigators and we know we teach with the spirit and then they change their minds or realize they dont have a desire. or they find "answers" in the wrong pllaces. really pushing our faith. we have had over 11 baptismal dates, and so far every one has fallen. but we are still working hard as we can. the baptisms dont matter as much as the people do. they can get baptized for our sake but what good does it do them if they havent gained a testimony and really dont care about the opportunities they can recieve. 

im still so happy, and i have come to realize so many wonderful things that i cant even explain because the spirit works within each of us to our own understanding. everything is so personal and incredible. i love this church. its the only true church on the face of the earth. and it will never change. i see miracles every day, i know if the spirit is with us our efforts are never in vain. 

love love love every person that is reading this letter! dont give up on yourselves even when you make mistakes. its a good thing.

con carino 
hermana zimmerman

some of my favorite youth!! literally some of my best friends theyre incredible. left to right is Daniela, Brenda, me, hna romero, Yasmin, Lehi, Fanny, Iris.

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