Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 11

Its all good here in Villa! all of the baptisms in the mission are super low right now. i wont even tell you how low. but here we are working as much as we can as hard as we can making changes all the time! transfers are coming up again in a couple weeks.

i want to tell everone about all the people we are teaching, but the experiences i get to share with these people are so personal and so incredible that i dont even know how to explain it simply. when we are in lessons, time stops. the only thing that matters in the whole world is the person that has invited us into their home and decided to listen to what a couple of 19 year old girls have to say in 102 degree weather. its pretty powerful. we are literally endowed with a little piece of God's power to explain to His children what is in store for them in their lives.
but im happy and i wouldnt rather be anywhere else. theres 83000 of us missionaries right now all over the world, and something like 12000 with mission calls that are waiting to leave. everythings just growing. and none of the people that work so hard get paid!! its crazy to think about!! now why would any church spend so much time and money to help other people that sometimes just turn us down without thinking twice? because we understand. we are blessed. ridiculously blessed. there is no personal problem in the world that cant be fixed by helping another person. when you focus on others, you literally find yourself and find happiness. simple as that. so stop thinking so much! everyone!
love you all. cant wait for conference! even though i have to watch it in spanish! ni modo. hasta luego!

hermana z

A PICTURE OF MY CUTE ZONE!!!! I love them all!!!!! <and us with president valenzuela tambien! the 2nd counselor in the mexico area presidency

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