Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 17

wow a lot has happened and continues to occur. 

we have an investigator named Pamela that we have been visiting with for almost 2 months. ever since the beginning she has been super interested. her mom passed away 4 years ago and she just wants to know that she can be with her family and thats all she cares about. every time we taught her she understood and had the best questions and completed all the commitments that we asked her to keep, going to church, reading the book of mormon, praying to know what we are saying is even true, etc. she even said she started to have some sort of hunger to read the book of mormon, when she didnt read or felt like she needed to read she couldnt get rid of the feeling without reading it!! and shes been mad at God for a while because of what happened to her mom, and she didnt feel like God was answering her prayers or even listening. we taught her the correct way to pray, which is theres no right or wrong way! as long as you say everything that you feel. a prayer isnt something thats memorized or something we do without even thinking out of habit. we are literally talking with our Father in Heaven, the only person that knows everything we feel and everything we think, whether we can comprehend our own issues or not. she said she prayed and felt an incredible feeling of comfort and protection all around her. perfect! but she was nervous about a baptism bc she doesnt want to disappoint her family (all catholics) BUT we took her to conference and to the temple. at the temple we watched the old video of the life of Christ, i dont even remember what its called but its way old. whenever i watch videos of Jesus Christ when he had to suffer i always just dont want to watch because its terrible, but believe me or not i felt the spirit so strongly when we were watching it. truly testifying to me that it was true and that it really happened. He really is the son of God, the only person who was capáble of dying for our cause and giving us the opportunity to live and mess up and come back to Him again. usually we imgaine how great it will feel to be ushered into Heavenly Father and Jesus Christs presence and feel their love and feel protected and whole and comforted, but at this point i just wanted to comfort Him for everything He had to suffer for my poor sake. and for all of us!! and theres still countless people that dont understand this and dont realize how blessed they are to even be on earth in the first place. ANYWAY Pamela decided she wants to be baptized. 

long story short (after the really long story) we have two baptisms scheduled this friday, for Pamela and for Manuel. And they are both way excited and more ready than ever. its all in the Lord´s hands, we just play a small piece. we watched The Restoration with them and when people were doing horrible things and saying horrible things to Joseph Smith, Manuel asked "all this just because he started talking about the word of God?" and he was so confused as to why anyone would treat a person that way when they have done nothing remotely wrong or offensive. we will never understand the pain the Christ suffered, we can never match it. And we will always be in debt to Him, so we had better start now with being the best we can be to show him that everything He did was something we actually appreciate. Im so grateful for this time. Every minute. i have been gone for almost half a year, and its going by way fast. This church is so true and once someone comes to know its truthfulness, they are never able to doubt or forget or search for something more, because this is everything. i know that it is all true. and if people mess up, its a good thing. thats the purpose of your life right now. who are we to chastize a person for their lack of understanding?? HELP THEM UNDERSTAND. 

sorry this is way long! read Mosiah 23:21-22

all my love and faith in each of you,
hermana zimmerman

p.s. incredible president of the villahermosa temple said to manuel, "here in the temple, we save the living and the dead."

this is manuels picture for his baptismal invites!

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