Monday, April 21, 2014

week 18

oh my goodness so much has happened and continues to happen. the baptism went so well. we planned ahead to make sure we didnt stress ourselves out and actually could enjoy it with the rest of the people. and it was perfect!! except for the fact that when pamela was putting on the suit the zipper broke and we had to make her take it off and make manuel change so we could switch them and luckily a lady had a needle and thread so i panicked to get the zipper head back on and sew up the broken part and pass it on to manuel. so the other one fit pamela perfectly, but the broken one was too short for manuel so oh my goodness he had a white tshirt under so he wore that and zipped it up to his waist and tied his belt around his waist to keep it up. AND he had his prosthetic leg with its shoe and sock on still so it was all just classic mishaps but he was smiling and totally okay with it. even though when it was his turn to be baptized he was like nah ill just go in the font with the prosthetic. but we were like "manuel you still have the shoe on!!!" and he looks down and puts his hands on his head and says "oh no you're right!!!" so he takes it off all nervous and frantic and long story short he was baptized and now he and pamela are members of the church. and pamela wants to serve a mission and shes super bummed shes going to  have to wait a year. AND she wants us to go with her to be baptized in the temple for her mom!!!! AND ill be here next year when shes endowed to leave on her mission! that was one of my goals when i left the mtc, to be able to help someone get baptized and help them get to the temple so that i can be there with them before i go home. she is so sweet and smart and they both have a new spirit about them and when they talk its different and more profound and incredible.
yesterday church was amazing. first they dedicated the whole sacrament meeting to the testimonies of the youth that went to efy this past week. and the couple coordinator of the whole efy of villahermosa is in our ward as well. each one was so powerful and they all changed so much. 3 of them are sincerely preparing to go on missions. the bishops son said "now i dont feel the desire to go for my own reasons or what not, i feel the responsibility, the privilege and necessity to share what i know and what i feel." thats what its about. if you feel like you need to serve a mission or that its something you can do, you are qualified. it doesnt matter if we are scared or worried about or own circumstances or past life, because when youre on a mission NONE of that matters. not a single opinion of yours is necessary when you are teaching people truth and giving them what the Lord wants them to have. its like if a mom wants someone to help her child. obviously shes going to give that person every bit of information and help they need once she has trust in the person and knows that they can help her kid with something she cant. its the SAME with missionary work. we are all capable.
ANYWAY it was so spiritual and i was so happy for all of them. and during the gospel principles class with our investigator sarai, her 6 month old baby was super upset and wouldnt calm down so i told pamela to take it out in the hall so she could focus. (sarai is dating edgar, the less active that showed up to church after 5 years) and he wants us to help her get baptized. anyway she left a little after cuz the baby kept crying and when we left she was in the hall talking to pamela and crying. turns out she recently was diagnosed with leukemia, the same cancer pamelas mom died of. and she has 3 little kids, and none of them are edgars, hes just helping her out. the Lord puts everyone he needs in the right places at just the right time. JUST the right time. pamela is helping her and supporting her with us and shes the best missionary im so happy for her. she cant wait to go into the temple. she said "well obviously i cant wait, if you feel this good in the waiting room i cant imagine what its like in the rest of it." we are so blessed. im way over-blessed. today manuel was talking to us again about how sad he is going to be when we get transferred. and we cant sing hymns for him anymore bc it makes him think about how we wont do that for him when we leave. but today he started crying bc it makes him so sad!!!! oh my poor thing. so the work continues, im continually grateful and honored that our Heavenly Father trusts me to help his children. i didnt tell you guys but we dont knock on doors here. its dangerous. we only visit with references from members and other missionaries and we can talk to everyone in the street. everyone. so we really rely on members and on our own efforts. working everyday getting turned down countless times. im happy. dont worry about me. i love you all. whatever you are doing and whatever trial you are facing right now, stay strong. you wont be able to complete it without help from above. that all sounds very cheesy but im very serious!!! you are blessed beyond belief!!
love love love,
an extremely happy blessed and hopeful hermana zimmerman

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