Monday, April 28, 2014

week 19

so here we are almost 6 months into my mission. of course it does not feel like that long. and i just got transferred! found out yesterday and this morning packed my bags and moved out.
but im still in the same stake, still in villahermosa. my new area is Espejo 2. (2 bc theres 4 missionaries in the ward, we have half the area they have the other) and its probably a 10/15 minute taxi ride from the stake center. my companion is Hermana Magana! shes 26 and from El Salvador and shes the mission nurse! im completely honored to be her companion actually. shes incredibly hardworking and super Christ-like which is crazy bc she has so many things to worry about! so during the week we'll be working in the office and shes the one to call whenever theres a medical issue. Heavenly Father might be telling me i need to pay attention and learn a thing or two. or its just a sign that im about to get deathly ill and he knows ill need a lot of help. either one is alot to think about haha so its better to not!
so yesterday we went over to the Balboas, theyre the coordinators for efy in all of villahermosa, and in their efy a couple weeks ago they asked all 800 kids to give references of friends or family that the missionaries could visit or teach. so they asked us to go over and help separate everything. well we didnt realize how much work it would be. there were well over 300 names to separate into stakes and some had little notes attatched saying it was their best friend or their mom. so cool. all i know is that at least one of those references is gona change a life.
so we met a kid, Jose Daniel, 22 years old that sells fruit on the side of the road everyday all day. the first time we met him hes a little shy cuz his right arm is missing right below his elbow and he just tries to hide it whenever people talk to him. and we gave him a plan of salvation pamphlet after talking to him for a bit and went on. a couple days later we passed by again. he said he read the pámphlet and wanted to learn more. so we invited him to church and he said sure ill come! oh and i asked him what happened and told him he shouldnt be shy about it. he said when he was 18 he was cutting down pineapples with his uncle to sell and he chopped off his own arm. and he still isnt used to it so its tough for him. first of all cant even IMAGINE and how grateful am I that the Lord let us find him. so we took him to church and he really liked it. i probably wont see him again but its still good to know that we can be examples to people in small moments. we always should be ready to share something even simple about the gospel. everyone is searching for something. and if you arent ready and worthy to testify of truth at any moment of your day, then you arent living the way God has asked. follow every commandment. look for opportunities to serve other people in any form. People are put in our paths DAILY because God knows that only we can help them.
also something funny. this sunday hna romero and i were asked to give talks. i went second and still had a lot of time left so i was like well i guess i fill it up so i dont look dumb. (sidenote, when people are asked to give talks they dont sit on the stand. they come up from the congregation when its their turn) so the 1st counselor in the bishopric passes me a NOTE during my ending testimony that said "TIME IS OVER." and i almost started laughing cuz he knows a little english and everyone that knows a little english likes to use it. so im like anndddd thats all. so i finish up and sit down and he announces that there are 2 MORE people that are going to speak. how embarrrassing. anyway. just a little something to let you know im still dumb and do dumb things. but people think im funny so that keeps me going. love you all. keep working hard wherever you are. sorry my letters are so long. theres a lot that happens in one week of a mission!!!
hna zimmerman
this is a picture of the family perez vasquez! karla, dulce, and isolina.y family! dulce is getting baptized may 10!

This fruit is called guaya. its little and its so sweet and yummy! and it takes away thirst pretty fast. theres a seed in the middle so you just eat around it. but the fruit part is way soft and almost like jello. also look for ciruelas! prounounced seed-yewellas. i call theem cinderellas!! there is sooo many amazing types of fruit here!!! i loooove mangos!!

Our last day together as companions

 my old zone! villahermosa!! yea number 1! we lost. but at least the jerseys were super cool right 
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Is this sacriligious? our zone leaders made us sick jerseys for a baseball tournament between zones with this on our shoulders. 

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