Monday, April 7, 2014

week 16

so conference was awesome, as expected. i was super nervous about watching it entirely in spanish because its alot of hours of spanish haha and i was praying hard before that i would be able to understand and receive the revelation i needed to receive. i was so nervous i actually felt sick before we left the house like i had to give a talk or something!! but it was the most powerful conference ever. i understood what they were saying for the majority and i had to focus so hard on the spirit and i had so many amazing thoughts come into my mind and i learned so much. for the second session the american elders set it up in english and said hna lowe and i could go watch with them if we wanted cuz its way better so we went and it wasnt way better! haha it was hard to focus and understand things for myself and i wanted to go back to the chapel to watch it in spanish with hna romero! so on sunday i was the only american in there watching it in spanish, even though all the other americans know spanish better! whatever. it was awesome. and manuel oh my goodness you wont believe this guy.

so he came with us saturday morning and he looooved it and so he came again sunday. after the first session hes like i think i want to stay for the second too and we told him ok you can wait here with us if you want! and he was thinking about it and said he loved it all so much and loooved what the prophet said and loved how the choir made him feel and loooved that everything was focused on Christ and the bible and hes like i think ill get baptized. WHAT. hes like well ya i know its all true so i just need a little time to tell the jehovahs witnesses to stop visitng me. bc he loves talking about the bible and religion, he always lets people come talk to him bc somewhere in the bible it says whoever comes preaching the word of God let them in and share with them. but anyway he recently got mad at the jehovahs witnesses cuz there isnt evidence of what they were saying and hes like "you guys arent witnesses of anything! theres no evidence! look at the mormons! they leave their house and their family and their country for God!" sounds worse than it was but i hope they werent too upset. sooo yea. hes awesome. and hopefully he continues to feel the truth of it all. 

im out of time but its okay! you just have to read the book of mormon and watch conference to find out how im doing! and i got a letter from lexi sanchez!! shes the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love you all!!! thanks for your letters and your support!!

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