Monday, May 19, 2014

6 months +

super short this week. basically i was a little upset randomly the past few weeks and i didnt have good reasoning or anything. just kind of short answers to my companion at the end of the day sometimes or not really being myself, but its because ive actually come to understand how our Heavenly Father feels when people in our wards dont participate. on sunday, there wasnt a SINGLE kid from young mens, and TWO young women. the elders quorum president and ward misison leader passed the sacrament, just the 2 of them (cuz there were only 55 people) and this little old dude that was baptized probably a month ago and the bishops secretary had to bless the sacrament. and then us 4 missionaries talked (every 3rd sunday) and i had to teach the gospel principles class to 4 people (and the other missoinaries, always good for numbers) 

SO basically ive been way upset about this ward. there is hardly participation and so SO much work to do. im not even worried about baptisms as much as getting people active and getting them to church. i was studying this morning about the area plan for Mexico, and it was talking about less active members and how we have to keep working hard and visiting them. and there was the scripture in 3 Nephi 18:32 which literally spoke peace to my mind. KEEP WORKING HARD at whatever you do, wherever you are on your mission or whatever your calling is at home. you have absolutely no idea how much you are helping. only our Heavenly Father truly knows. we are just the servants. and servants dont ask why they have to do things, they just DO it, knowing that its their JOB and that its better to do it than to worry about why. so be faithful and work hard. we can all rest when we die. but for now, theres an INCREDIBLE amount of strengthening to do. 

in other news, 9 year old Maximo got baptized on thursday. he asked us "what happens if your Catholic dad goes to the mormon church?" and hermana magana told him "oh nothing much! he just keeps learning and eventually gets baptized!" hahaha shes great. no worries. hes adorable and strong and always prays that his family will live a long time and stay together forever. 

love you all. help each other always. dont forget the things you stand for. 

love love looovee,
hermana zimmerman

maximo! hes so dang cute and hilarious and happy! annddd im wearing dreadful rainboots because it dumped rain that day. blazing hot the next. thats what happens when you live in the rainforest. 

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