Monday, May 26, 2014

6 months ++


its a TON of work but if we didnt have to work for things they would never be worth it.

quick things

yesterday we got a reference from the offices. so we went to visit the guy and he said yea i met the missionaries in a taxi about a month ago. all i remember were 4 girls and one was from tustin (his family lives in santa ana or something) and i was like wait what the heck that was me!! SOOO hes super stoked about everything and he doesnt feel right in any church and he had incredible questions and we gave him a book of mormon and hes going to  read it and ask us more. we sang to him "how great thou ar"t and he said "yep this is great ive got a good feeling about this." more news later on.

 its easy to be a missionary because everything we say is true. everything we promise happens if people work for it. everything we do has a divine purpose and consequence. 

second. we visited a part of our area thats just pure land and random houses made of concrete and tin panels that we havent gone to bc the mission pres, obispo, and everyone says its too dangerous and we have to go with a member but no members will go with us. but we went on tuesday cuz the ap's gave us a reference of a lady that needs truth cuz her 13 yr old dropped out of school and smokes and drinks and is doing drugs and doesnt listen to her. one challenge. another one room house way down a lonely (GORGEOUS) road, we show up and like 8 little kids run out, 5 teenagers, one lady and a little old woman. hellooo. everyones humble and they have everything they could ever want, all thats left to receive is a baptism and other saving ordinances that they need. second challenge. then we visit another and theres this TINY brand new beautiful baby, and this short huge lady with a few teeth and she hugged us like we were her lost children. extremely happy people. the best best thing ever. lots of work to do, and its a little far from the chapel so we are thinking in the short future we'll have a casa de oracion. basicaly a little meeting house for a short congregation. but who knows, lots to plan and teach. 

then hna magana and i went alone yesterday cuz the member we were supposed to go with bailed. but we were like well its still 3 it cant be too bad but when we got there there was quite a few groups of completely wasted guys. freakin scary. but we taught people and theres more to the story but im out of time. but at one point one of them hobbled in our direction yelling "correle, correle!" as we hurried away. and right as we were leaving and it got dark the bishop called to ask us where we were and if we needed a ride. LOTS OF BLESSINGS. 

always be happy. dont waste time thinking about yourself. today i got to be in the main office weekly meeting with the president and his wife and the office elders and my comp/mission nurse; shes very important and older than everyone and probably does the most work to be honest, but the pres was talking about what each can do in their assignment to help strengthen the missionaries everytime they need to talk to them. just ask how theyre doing and whats happening in their area. and you all can do that at home. help each other. actually take interest in other people and share your testimony every chance you get. its not as hard as it sounds i promise. its just a few things that you KNOW. 

love you, something hna weaver said: "keep on loving life, along with the thorns."

hermana z

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