Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 20

okay family. 

so my first week in Espejo. it feels like i just got here but at the same time it feels like ive known these people forever. so we went to church yesterday, and it starts at 8 am. so theres ONE reason why its tough to get people to church. and right now theyre locking all the chapel gates during church for safety reasons, so everyone has to be sure to get there on time, or they have to wait till after sacrament to get let it. when a bunch of efy counselors got back to the stake center suuper late a couple weeks ago, a truckful of guys came with guns and stole all their phones and stuff that they had. freaky right. so everything is almost always locked up. just for now at least till it gets safer.

SO only 42 people showed up yesterday. there were only two young men that were necessary (and present) to pass the sacrament. there were 3 kids in primary. only one adult (the bishops wife) is working with the primary. im not sure if she needs more help with 3 kids but maybe more will show. the elders quorum president is a 24 year old and he doesnt have any counselors. there were like 15/20 ladies in relief society. but everyone is awesome and supports us. but hermana magana opened up this area about 4 months ago and when she got here there were only 2 active members from her half of the ward (4 sister missionaries) so we have TONS of work to do. at least the area is smaller than deportiva and we can do lots of visits, but theres just too much to do and not enough time. thats why im always stressing that people in the ward visit everyone that they can. its so important right now, seriously i cannot think of anything that matters more than helping people the way we want to be helped. 

im positive that this area is not as hot as deportiva thank goodness because may is supposed to be the hottest month of the year and its been raining! one thing that has happened lots this week (3 of our strongest investigators) is that theyre not married and they dont care to be married. first of all that is a commandment. second of all its normal here. one of them is 22 dating someone twice her age. and the other is 84!!!!!!!! her they let people get married for free on mothers day. so we always are like hey ditch the drama its free on la dia de las mamas. just made that up and its super lame and i know but its funny. 

i dont even know what else to say because there is SO MUCH to say and a lot to do. just know that members are one of the most important parts of the strength of the church. some people easily forget how important they are and that God is always waiting to hear from them. their sins are never too great or their past too heavy to pray to God AND have him hear them. read your scriptures. say your prayers. keep every single commandment. there's not a single one thats less important than another. be an example of the believers. and please just be happy. humble yourselves and help someone else. 

i love this church with all my heart. i pray everyday to find those that are ready to understand the complete and perfect gospel that our Heavenly Father has planned out for them. pray for opportunities to share something small with someone that needs comforting or needs help or just needs to talk to someone that knows who they are. you dont need to be perfect to be an example. forget yourselves everyday and do something with the power you have been entrusted with, whatever kind of power it may be. its from God. oh goodness i am very very happy and privileged. 

hermana zimmerman

This is the bishops cute daughter Andrea! she's 8 and the best fellowshipper of the ward. 

My new companion Hermana Magana

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