Monday, May 12, 2014

week 21 6 months +

hello beautiful family of mine (aka everyone i know and love!)

hey p.s. quick update, the church is STILL true. 

 so im the horrible daughter that forgot it was mothers day when i skyped my family so i didnt say happy mothers day or ask anything concerning my mom whoops. but i still love you mom im sorry! happy mothers day youre the best mom duh!

i dont really know what i need to say to everyone and i dont remember all the things ive said, but im happy. really happy. its a real blessing to know that i have the abilitly to help people understand their purpose and the things they need to do to be happy. if youre not happy, you should be. everything that we have everyone we know and everything that is around us was designed specifically to make us happy. its the whole plan! the plan of happiness! everything is designed to you! but the tough part is that its our decision to do whats necessary to open our eyes and see it all for what its really worth. its also a grand blessing to pass by random people in the street and have an incredible amount of love for them and desire to help them. 

right now im super gung ho on the commandments. its my forte right now and i cant possibly stress it enough. every single commandment is designed to help us learn to control things that mortality doesnt allow us to control on our own. momentary happiness can and will very easily rob us of our eternal happiness. so be good. and make good decisions. its kind of hard without the Holy Ghost so do something (like maybe um read your scriptures) every morning so that you can have the guidance you need to get through the day in this crazy world. and if you dont have the gift of the Holy Ghost, you should probably talk with a mormon or some missionaries and get baptized pronto. 

GREAT THINGS ARE ALWAYS HAPPENING. look for them. doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith. this area is very weak right now so we have so much to do i cant even think straight. lots of faith testing. love you. thank you for supporting me in all i do. and thank you to the people that have always loved me even though im a bit psycho. i tell myself im growing out of it little by little. yikes!

"honra tu padre y tu madre para tus dias se alarguen." Es la unica mandamiento con la promesa de mas vida en este tierra.


hermana zimmerman
(or superman according to the spanish language)
My new companion Hermana Magana!
everyone gives us umbrellas cuz they dont want us to get cancer

julio!!! hes so massiv and hes a member and he gives us free coconuts all the time and he makes the best churros ever!!!!!

dulces baptism! yay!

this is the fountain diana casadora! its in front of the chapel! shes got a bow and arrow and i have been wanting to take a pic like her since day one

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