Monday, June 16, 2014

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extra grateful this week

grateful for my Heavenly Father and for my Earthly Father, and all that they have taught me and allowed me to experience in this life. im beyond blessed.

parents are extremely important. whether people have good parents now, or plan to become better parents than theirs were. learning from each decision, both good and bad. our future is not determined on what our parents do. its determined on what WE do with all the things that they have showed us. 

our Heavenly Father taught us everything before we even came to the earth, and we chose to be here and we have the opportunity to learn everything again for ourselves. if my dad hadnt been influenced by good members of the church, he wouldnt have joined. if he hadnt decided to be baptized, i wouldnt have been raised by parents that were striving to keep commandments and do what God asked of them, so that I could receive the blessings. if i hadnt had rules in my house, maybe i wouldnt have always gone to the many activities and meetings of the church, thereby missing opportunities to be influenced by the spirit so that i could make my own decisions for my future. and if i hadnt been in places where the spirit could speak to me and testify to me of things that are true, i wouldnt have felt the desire to serve a mission. and if i hadnt served a mission, i wouldnt have been fulfilling every covenant i have made to use all that i have and give all that i have to the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

SO here i am trying to do the best i can through every weakness i was born with, striving to develop talents that are necessary for the wellbeing of other people. every day focusing on others and what they need to hear and what way they need to understand things. right now we are teaching FOUR couples that are living together and arent married. FOUR. and some are really changing and keeping commitments and others we can only get them started. we can only do so much until people decide to actually try to learn and understand things for themselves. 

President Henry B. Eyring said
"Every day, every hour, you can choose to make or keep covenants with God."

SO TAKE EVERY CHANCE YOU GET ya knuckleheads. 

and be good. and dont doubt promptings. and keep praying because without we are nothing, we have no guide to help us in each day. 

love you,
hermana zimmerman  

also, i may or may not have been sick all week because i pet all the dogs here. not allll of them, but yeah. cant help it. oops! my companion got a bit mad at me hahaha. this ones name is Ron. most of them have american human names.
This is our house.  We live on the bottom floor and a family lives above

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