Monday, June 2, 2014

7 months

Monday June 2, 2014

okay sorry i keep telling you things to scare you. its not as bad as it sounds. it keeps us alive. but yes in most situations we could be a little bit smarter but until now its all good! always listening to the spirit and making sure we are where we are meant to be at the right time. 

im super tired. i just fall into bed at night. everyday this week we have had our plans changed or pushed back for different nurse responsibilities. but its okay i dont mind it, just means we have chances to teach the same doctors we keep running into. and all of our investigators right now have some major trials to work through. but the thing is, if they would try out the invites and commitments we extend to them, they would realize the hope it brings. like Yajaira. shes 19 and has a 2 yr old and is having major issues with her 20 yr old bf. like major. involving therapy and everything. theyre just at the point of killing each other and their therapist said they need to find God and have him help them. then we showed up at their house looking for a neighbor and their little 2 yr old ran out and we set up do meet with her another day. i dont remember if i told you all this last week. also turns out her bf 'spouse' is someone we contacted a long time ago and was interested but we never found him again. and so we see just another small example that there are no coincidences in this world. shes reading the book of mormon and theyre praying together and hes a bit more stubborn than she is and wont let her go to church alone so we are workin on it. but oh my goodness things are always happening and hearts are softened everyday. we talk to people and theyre rude and try to fight us but we actaully get to watch the Lord soften their hearts and help us teach them things they deserve and need to know. im out of time. but its okay, theres never going to be time for everything we want let alone everything we NEED to do. keep reading the scriptures. pray everyday. listen to the prophet and you will never have to question your choices. and please be nice to each other and to my mom. 

love, hermana zimmerman
OH and heres my address for all who keep asking and all who dont write me! you know who you are! 
Mexico Villahermosa Mission
Av. Circuito CD Deportiva No. 206
Colonia Atasta
CP 86100 Villahermosa. Tabasco
Just a little rain to try and stop us from getting to the Temple

Organizing half of the medicine at the mission office

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