Thursday, June 26, 2014


well mexico is pretty dangerous these days! im not going to even tell you some of the things that go on in our neighborhood, i promise when i come home ill tell you all of it. but just know that i havent learned enough or perfected myself enough for God to take me from the Earth at this time. so i wont be dying anytime soon. and if i die then you can be proud of me cuz it just means Heavenly Father has greater plans in store! but the missionaries are always safe. nothing bad ever happens nor will ever happen. 

but the world cup is a huge deal! and when mexico plays, NOBODY is outside. and when they score a goal we can hear every house on the street screaming and people in their cars all honk their horns. if youre not watching it, youre listening to it. and if youre a missionary and cant do either of those things, you hear it on tv at every house you walk by. i really want to watch it so thats sad but next year haha. we are incredibly busy, all the time. not much time to explain to you all of it but know that im having incredible experiences all the time and my testimony grows daily. also you should know that an hour of emailing is the fastest time of my entire week. 

love you all!

hermana zimmerman

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